Should unique hits matter to bloggers?

Have you ever thought of why we track unique visitors and what difference it makes? We currently track our stats via statcounter, sitemeter, and woopra (which I removed recently due to slowing the site down), and because of this, realized a discrepancy from each statistics program in reporting our visitors and page views. Obviously without truly knowing, your left flying… Read More

One Step Ahead: Wooden Doll Furniture

Ahhhh… the joys of imaginary play! I LOVE watching my kids play together… whether it is a Lego shoved in Kambry’s face by Tucker, or a car hurled at her big brother’s head. Siblings; gotta love them! With One Step Ahead‘sfun and amazing quality products, who can go wrong? The kids LOVE and play daily with the Doll Furniture. We… Read More

Ask The Mom

This is it, the last crunch before the holiday. I leave you with a few last-minute holiday tips to reduce stress and have a wonderful Christmas. *If you are cooking dinner, delegate tasks. You don’t need to do everything yourself, and it’s okay to say “yes” when people offer. *Don’t expect miracles. If you and certain family members bicker all… Read More

Oh Samsung, Oh Cell Phone….

Oh Holy Night Its silently not RIIIIIIIINGING. This is the night, that my cell phone is Dead……. Come on, I must be the only blogger person out there that has a running cell phone saga online. Give food to homeless guy. Win Phone. Good karma coming back! Phone wont work with my service. TOTALLY FIGURES Try to pawn phone off… Read More

Christmas Gift Guide!!!!

Nope, we are not doing one, everyone in the Blogosphere is doing them, so we figured a big post telling you everything to buy would be pretty redundant. HOWEVER, we want your Christmas Gift Ideas! So we are asking you to create a mutual gift guide with us. There is nothing more powerful then EVERYONE’S ideas in one spot, so… Read More

How to Write a Blog in 10 Easy Steps

So you want to write a blog. Great, First step is done. Every month I have a few people randomly email me and ask me how to write a blog, oh great, blogger of this blog. (heavy sarcasm). I really am not a great blogger, but I thought I would put together (insert drum roll here) MomDots Tips on How… Read More

Charlotte is Kiilllling me today

  First of all, the age has started bringing on……..LYING. Today she wanted a cookie. Got to eat your lunch first, right? She told me she ate it. She put her plate in the sink. I let her pick out a cookie. I said “You ate the whole thing?” she said “Yes”. I walk by the trash….sandwich in there. So… Read More

Clearly our family is dysfunctional

And cant even bake cookies. I think we all ate just a little too much sugar and inhaled a little too much flour. ~trisha ps thankyou to #wahmwish for the new, clear camera that provided these photos

Feature Blogger: Katja from Skimbaco

1. Congrats on being a MomDot Feature Blogger! Let’s start by introducing yourself to our readers! I’m Katja Presnal, a mother of three and online store owner, blogger and a PR consultant. I own a children’s boutique and I have two blogs, where I share product finds and all fun and important and less important things modern fashion… Read More