Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Elements Giveaway $149 CLOSED

If you are a blogger, you know the importance of having a top noche video program and a graphics program, and there is nothing better on the market then Adobe Premiere Elements 7 (for videos) and Adobe Photoshop Elements 7, that has ease of use and amazing options. With Adobe’s all-in-one software bundle, it’s quick and easy to: Create the… Read More

Lessons learned from today’s “snow-capades”

Snow is a foreign concept to most native New Orleanians.  I can count on one hand the number of times I have seen snow in my 34 years of life.  It snowed here in 1989 when I was sick and my Mom wouldn’t let me go outside.  It snowed in 2004 when I was VERY pregnant for Lily, so I… Read More

Babycapes Review

I could not be loving this product more then if I made it myself. When I found BabyCapes, I sighed. This is the type of flawless children’s fashions that is practical, gorgeous, and useful for a variety of weather. I think I did the up and down mini jump when they agreed to let me test one out. When it… Read More

Kristen's Custom Creations Review

I would love to tell you how much I loved her work first. I would love to tell you how I have not taken off my personalized MomDot necklace in two months and I would love to tell you that I wore it proudly during the Hot Blogger Calendar shoot, but I wont tell you that first. Instead, Let me… Read More

Skoy Cloth Review

I am ALWAYS and forever cleaning up after my 2 kids, husband, and dog. I go through a ton of paper towels and sponges each month. Really, too much for my liking, especially as I try to go ‘greener’ then I am now. I know that I want to do what’s best for the Earth, and I know that all… Read More

Ask The Mom

It’s truly coming down to the wire. Christmas is less than two weeks away and I’m just now getting a hint of the spirit. Maybe it’s what’s in my eggnog, but I received a few fun questions for this week’s installment of Ask The Mom! If *someone* were to announce her pregnancy at her Christmas Party to all her family… Read More

Funky Friday

Funky Friday coming at you! Its kinda “flashy” because I was on a white background instead of a green. Im trying to get that fixed so it doesnt do that. Remember that this video program is up on a giveaway that ends next week! I hope everyone has an amazing weekend! ~Trisha [flashvideo filename=”videos/damaged.flv” width=”448″ height=”361″ /]

My Jean Test (be afraid, very afraid)

I have about 15 pairs of jeans. And 2 that I wear. Don’t get me wrong, all of them are the exact same size and I love all of them equally. But they don’t all FIT equally. A pair of jeans that comes out of the washing machine and is impossible to put back on, is not the pair of… Read More