A WAHM Wish…and how you can help

I have been following Kelly on twitter and watching her create work at home mom wishes this season. She invited work at home moms to come in and let her know what they needed or wanted…the wishes ranged from office equipment to graphics for sites, to just simply exposure.Think of her as the twitter angel wish tree. As a work… Read More

Nokia E71 $500 CONTEST Dec 16th CLOSED

Preamble: Any of you that frequent my blog, know that I entered a walmart contest. And they narrowed down the videos to 20 and then the top 10 win a huge awesome prize of free groceries for a year. I dont care much about material things, but groceries I could USE. Then the Wii thing hit and I wanted to… Read More

Dancing Duo!

Dance has always been a huge part of my life.  At 2 years old, my Mom put me in dance classes as a last desperate attempt to enroll me in SOMETHING to socialize with kids my age.  I hated nursery school, swim class and pretty much anything that involved leaving my Mom’s hip.  The first day of dance class, I… Read More

4 pack DVD Giveaway,Winner UPdated

Again, this ships today. Please email ME because Alicia is working. MomDot@live.com once you win. Thomas & Friends: Ultimate Christmas, The Happy Elf, Santa Claus: The Movie and Eloise: Little Miss Christmas. You may have one entry for every comment you leave on momdot till 1:15 my time in OTHER posts. They must be VALID comments in posts, please dont… Read More

Only In Alabama #6

We haven’t done one in a while. I have a few, so I picked this one for today..I just drove over here…its about 5 minutes from my house. One day, we drove by and they were painting it…and we magically watched ladies appear. Now and again, I see pick up trucks with KIDS stting on the back. Waiting for dad……or… Read More

The Childrens Place, Fun, Functional…and Free! *winner below*

That’s right, MomDot LOVES The Childrens Place. And you will never find THIS there. Instead, you find amazing clothes for your girl or boy, with prices that you can actually afford. One of my personal favorite outlets is The Childrens Place outlet..have you ever been? I’m telling you, you can get shirts for $2 there and coats for $10. Its… Read More

LIVE CONTEST NOW! *winner updated

I know, its early, you just got up and now your stuck to the computer. Well, if your gonna be there, be HERE! I have lots of good stuff today. NOW, please know that you MUST MUST email your address immediately to alicia at momdotsponsors@Live.com as we need to ship these items today for you to get them before Christmas… Read More

70 Year old Woman Gives Birth

Do you believe that our ability as humans with medicine has gone farther then it should go? I read this article today about a woman, 72 years old, who underwent IVF treatment to bring a ‘male heir’ into her family and gave birth to twins-one girl, one boy. She is Indian and her family mortgaged their land, sold their animals,… Read More