Feature Boutique: Firefly Photo Jewelry

If there are any hubbys out there reading this article, and you are lost as to what to get your wife this Holiday Season, keep reading! Your problem is solved!  Any Mother would love to have a piece of jewelry from Firefly Photo Jewelry, our next Feature Boutique!  Welcome, Shawna! 1.  Tell us about your boutique and how you got… Read More

I heard that bloggers were sent to Spy on Me

First of all, cool. Just when I thought my internet stock was going down I get a bunch of emails telling me they were asked to be internet spies on me. Sweeeeeeeeet. Second, uh….*looking around* we are a public site. What spying is there to do? You mean by applying to our forum under a fake name to look at… Read More

Alright, you have all sucked me into Blog Awards

I finally made a blog award page for momdot. I know we have “received” many over the past months and I had no where to put them. So I made up a page for them! (finally, right?) Soo…………………….. Its empty. I have no clue where all the awards are at now, so if we have been privileged enough to get… Read More

Ask The Mom

OMG, is it really December 5th? Yeah, who needs therapy, raise their hand! *I’m raising both.* Hope your holiday season isn’t as crazy as mine. If is is and you need advice, send me your problem/issue/question to resolve at themomjen[at]gmail[dot]com. My kids have Christmas lists a mile long. We can’t afford it all, what can I do? I’ve been chatting… Read More

Funky Friday

Alright, here it is, the long awaited Womanizer video. I have no idea why I continue to do these stupid videos for yall. I went all out for you…..and Britney put up quite a challenge with her half nudity, so lets just say….i met her match. Dad, if you happen to be here, please don’t watch this video. kthanks. Adobe… Read More

Patrick Dempsey and I have a phone call on Tuesday

Lucky me gets to be one of the “influential” bloggers that get to talk to Patrick on the phone on Tuesday. *giggling*  Who have I convinced that I am ‘influential”. Whatever, Ill take it. Now before you get excited, he is promoting his new perfume Unscripted, its not a date or anything, but since I’m almost out of my perfume,… Read More

Wait a Minute. There IS a targetmoms Panel…

[private] HA. Ok. If you call Dooce and Pioneer woman the mom bloggers panel. Dont get me wrong, I think they are both great. But I really don’t see Dooce and Pioneer woman twittering and in forums and leaving comments on blogs…kwim? And whats with the snotty email that I got and the nice one everyone else got. Was my… Read More

Sponsor Gone Crazy.

Like so many of you, we work with LOTS and LOTS of sponsors and PR reps. We love *most* of them and have continuing, long term relationships with them. We cant take every single giveaway offered to us, because some wont even interest our users and we do have rules about listing a contest with us…for example, don’t offer us… Read More

TargetMoms and Walmart Moms

I read over on Sarahs site that she loves target and was encouraging people to let Target know they should have a moms panel, much like Walmart does, to help assist and inform the largest population of shoppers out there…moms. And due to their recent issues with the whole car seat fiasco, it seems smart to have a voice in… Read More