QUICK! Lets take bets……

This is my DH putting together the new entertainment center. He has been working on it since 7:30pm. How long do you think it will take him to: a) put it together b) how many pieces will end up broken c) how many screws will he lose ~Trisha

Innoventions Dream Home Disney

Thought I would give this project a little shoutout for Disney. In today’s economy, research shows many families are buying one large gift for the family this holiday, versus many individual gifts. A family vacation is high on the list of gifts the entire family will enjoy. This year, a new attraction at Disneyland will educate and entertain moms and… Read More

Great Posts and Bloggers To Visit Today

These blogs were recommend by our readers today as posts to check out while your surfing the Blogosphere! Thanks to everyone that surfed to find them and share them with our readers. Happy reading! ~Trisha Baby Blog Addict is a fun site http://www.babyblogaddict.com/2008/12/traveling-with-toddlers.html mommy from the midwest http://mommyfromthemidwest.blogspot.com/2008/11/not-me-monday.html 3 Kids N us http://3kidsnus.blogspot.com/2008/11/black-friday-part-2.html My Brute Squad http://mybrutesquad.blogspot.com/2008/11/santas-special-offer.html The Pink Potpourri…. Read More

I have to do something risky……..

[private]there is an update that I have to put on the blog. Sigh. Its with the template, so its a real possibility that the pretty colors may be gone (temporarily of course). I have no clue what affect it will have. Please hold your breath. trisha[/private]

Awesome day so far!

I got up and started working on my new website. Time flies, right? Well, I tell myself “I’m going to work till 9, then I have to do X, Y, Z..”. Next thing I know, its 10am. I could not BELIEVE how fast it went.  I mean, I get into my work, but wowee! So I got up, flittered around… Read More

Wordless Wednesday

We would love if you would include our link under your photo as places to go to see more WW posts. We run our linky EVERY wed (unless Linky is down) and would love more blogs linked here!  We are, after all, a blog listing site, so this helps new blogs discover us (and us them) when they come through!… Read More

Google Hits Today…

Dear Reader, The answer is no. You should NOT have sex with your friends mother. Either you are way way too young to be asking this as it is, or if you are old enough, the mom your talking about is probably REALLY old. Im wondering which is more disturbing. Just so NO! ~Trisha

Klutz, A Basket of Great titles! CLosed

This holiday give the gift of fun with Klutz activity books! About Klutz: Klutz was incorporated in 1977 in Palo Alto, California, by three friends from Stanford University. They began by selling sidewalk juggling lessons along with a trio of no-bounce bean bags. A week’s effort earned the group $35. “It was then we realized the sky was the limit.”… Read More

What Not To Wear to Disney World

I know Im going to hell, so I am going to share these anyway. I really wish I had started this a lot earlier. But here are my favorite gems on our Disney trip. And no, she didn’t work here. She was hanging out….look at those shoes. There is a time to leave fashion at home. But this woman takes… Read More