Parenting a little boy….my life in 6 seconds

I discovered Vine.

I know I am about a year behind and its riddled with really young teenagers and lots of porn, but but but, I do love it.

When you have a child that is 2, life really does happen in 6-7 second increments…so I thought I would share with you my life as a stay at home parent. To hear the sound, mouse over the video and click the sound. I have it auto off.


First we head to the toy store in the morning to get some energy out.

He has 3 of these carts at home, but still finds one to push around.

Pink of course.



Before nap time I try to hit the back yard to get the last of the energy out. I can’t keep him from climbing stuff and believe it or not, this is the least dangerous thing he does all day.




Of course life isn’t fun until someone is wet, so the hose gets pulled out atleast once a day


He likes to walk into my office doing something weird once a day…he get’s it from my husband.


Phoenyx is hard to crack when it comes to trying to get him to play favorites.


Then last night after big sis came home we went to see the new house that I want…the kids decided it echoed fantastically and did this for about an hour..which is fine because I spent that hour singing in the acoustics.


And here is one from this morning…when he says his name, it sounds a bit like Penis. Let’s just hope by Pre-K he can enunciate very clearly.

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I hope they help to get to know me better!



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