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Only a dad would do this…

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This weekend the family and I headed out to Pensacola Beach to visit the water, our family, and take in a little of the beach. The last time we had hit the white sands of Pensacola Beach, Phoenyx was just sitting up age and our entire mission was to prevent him from eating too much sand. This time he could walk, roll, run, and he took it all in.

His thoughts on the wonder of Quietwater Beach were clearly in his body language:

He was experiencing something new!

But it didn’t take long before an fist rub caused that soft grained sand to make it’s way into his eyeballs  and shut down beach time.

Better luck next summer, right?

Phoenyx actually had a pretty adventurous day. His daddy took him up onto the Pensacola Beach Observation Wheel…..which is kinda like a Ferris Wheel on steroids.

My father in law works there, so he took up Chris and Phoenyx both. Charlotte refused to get in because heights are not her forte. Truth be told, they are not mine either although I would have went had the whole family piled in.

I made sure I screamed “I saw this on Final Destination” before they got on.

Of course when this picture came back in my camera my heart jumped out of my chest and I was glad I wasn’t there to squeeze the kids into tiny morsels and stuff them into my pocket for safe keeping.

Only a dad would do this….

The Observation Wheel is pretty nice and they have a VIP booth with a glass floor.

I think this would be a really romantic way to propose!

Just look how incredible this view is!

Right now (Through November) Kids Ride Free according to the Observation Wheel Facebook page.

And my husband swears that its NOT scary, it just looks scary.

Hours of Operation for the 360 Pensacola Beach Observation Wheel

Prices for the Observation Wheel

After we got home, we got to kept the fun alive and got one of our Samsung TVs apps going!

As you can see P was really excited:

Along with this really adorable Pororo Sticker Book app in the kids section, you can download educational and learning apps, perfect for kids.

Samsung Apps features a wealth of games, news, reference, social networking and navigation to help make your life easier. The Samsung Apps TV also offers a bevy of educational apps for kids that make TV watching a learning experience. Here are just a few of our favorites:

  • Math Magic– Math Magic uses a combination of vibrant colors, a simple interface and a reward system to encourage and teach kids between the ages of 3 and 8. Your child can get a big jump on learning arithmetic while enjoying every second. As your child improves, you can increase the difficulty level by introducing larger numbers and negatives.
  •  The Alligator and Sparrow are Brothers? – A storybook for the 21st Century, The Alligator and Sparrow are Brothers? is a fun, interactive children’s book. Kids use the remote to read the story and learn about the characters. Press the object in each page to see it make a movement, increasing the fun of the reading process. During the course of the reading, kids learn about the characteristic of each animal.

Every day is an adventure in our house!!

Now would you play it safe with online learning or head out to the big scary wheel for some hands on!?

*samsung sponsored post

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  1. I would not get on the Observation Wheel because I am terrified of heights. But the views do look amazing and my oldest daughter and my husband would go in a heartbeat. Me and my Mini Me would enjoy an ice cream or something on the ground. Just looking at some of those photos make my knees ache!

  2. I miss the beach! I really do, and these pics.. well enough to entice me to move again.. wow!

  3. Wow, what a view! I’d love to go up there. Hopefully we can swing over next time we’re in Panama City Beach to check that out because it’s definitely not something you get to see everyday.

  4. The views are incredible! I would like to say I would go, but I am afraid of heights a little bit. I think the pods would actually make me feel better than the open air ones though.

  5. I have a terrible fear of heights, but I probably WOULD do it (just to prove to myself that I could!). I don’t think I would do the VIP. I think a glass floor would freak me out even more.

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