Peoples Choice Award

Peoples Choice Award Voting

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Throughout the Bloggers and Tiaras contest the next two weeks, we will be running  a Peoples Choice award.

The winner of the Peoples Choice award will win this Tahitian pearl bracelet, worth approximately $1600 and sponsored by Pearl Paradise!


You can help your favorite blogger win by voting for them anytime during the competition.

The bloggers may use ANY tactic to impress the audience to get them to vote for them (beg on their site, twitter, offer thier first born, etc) but they may NOT use black hat automated methods to cheat the system. Any blogger found to have created a bot to up their votes will not only be disqualified but possibly publicly humiliated.

Peoples choice award closes on Nov 29th and will be announced on Nov 30th. Any questions please email trisha(at) for clarification.


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    I’m trying to tell people to stop voting – sorry if more trickle in. Apparently my mom sent out some emails (and no she wasn’t the lady you heard about) and her friends dont’ check their e mails very often….

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