Pinked Out: Not Quite Belle of the Ball-Part Deux

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banner_215x12511Hi everyone, Kristy here from Mommy In Pink. As per request, I am back to talk about my experience at the Mayor’s Ball a couple of weeks ago.

It all started in mass chaos, as I was still recovering from mastitis(breast infection) in complete hysterics trying to figure out not only what I was going to wear, but how I was going to pay for it all on such short notice. If you’ve ever been shopping with an infant, you know what I mean, when I say that you have a very limited time frame that you are actually able to shop. The thought of trying on dresses with a baby, just made my head spin. If you are not already aware of the “situation,” let me tell you….I had less than 24 hours to find a suitable dress to wear, somewhat matching shoes, get my nails done, possibly hair too and the biggie: Find someone to watch the baby for the night! It was beginning to sound almost impossible!

My chances of finding someone to watch the baby were pretty much slim to none, since my mom and dad live out of town several hours away, and my husband’s family was attending the Ball with us. Friends were out of the question, because they already had plans or previous engagements, so I was left thinking ….”Umm…what the heck am I going to do?” The thought of just opting out of the event all together, was becoming a real possibility.

…so what did I do, you ask?

I called my Mommy! In tears, I begged and pleaded over the phone, offering to pay for her trip to watch the baby for the night. I held my breath, as there was a long pause before she could answer…….”Sure! I’d love to come out and watch the baby for the night…I miss her so much,” she said. In complete shock, I reply…”WHAT! REALLY?…You’re seriously willing to drive 4 hours here just to watch the baby for 5 hours or so.” With a slight giggle, she replied…”Yes, of course Kristy, I never get a chance to see her, so I’d be more than happy to do it!” YAYYYYY!

So now that I had the important part covered, I was on a serious mission to find something to wear. I begged my husband’s secretary to watch the baby for a couple hours while I went and got my nails done at a salon near his office, luckily they took me on such short notice! Whew! And after about an hour or so, of looking at dresses with no luck, I called a good friend of mine who attends a lot of fancy schmancy events and asked her if she had anything to wear that was suitable for a Ball. Of course, she had like a gazillion dresses to choose from and invited me over to take my pick.

I drove like a bat out of hell to her house hoping and praying she’d have something…and Boy! Did she come through in a big way…She is a Nordstrom’s Fanatic, which is great for me, because she happened to have this cute little number she recently purchased and hadn’t worn yet….

Best Part: The dress actually fit and held my boobs in like a charm! Another great feature, was the fact, that it was a black dress. As if you didn’t already know that black is a slimming color, and I’m all about looking slimmer than I actually am…so it was definitely a keeper. A big THANKS to Jen for being such a sweet friend and allowing me to borrow such an uber cool dress for the night! YOU ROCK!

Finally, the Big Night had arrived, my mother arrived an hour early and we were ready to roll. When we arrived at the Ball, it was nothing but handshakes and introductions during cocktail hour. We then got our pictures taken with the Mayor, his wife and a few business partners, etc. When dinner rolled around, we were starving and dove into the salad and Salmon Fillet, Yummy! After dinner, it was time to party, the band had started playing and and people were making their way to the dance floor, to boogie! I was a little shy to jump out onto the dance floor, not quite feeling up to it. But after a few glasses of wine, I warmed right up and was soon doing the electric slide with the rest of the drunks, HA!

Overall, I had a blast and was happy that everything worked out. It was my first time away from my baby girl since she’s been born and I’m thinking we should make a habit of getting a sitter and going out more often. I almost forgot what it was like to get out and have some real adult fun for the night!

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