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Ponds: Up your Beauty Routine with Simple

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Two weeks ago I was on my way to board a cruise boat with 38 of my best online friends.

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(on way to ship! Yay! Thats blogger Lynsey Jones from Moscato Mom photobombing me)


(Yep…all bloggers!)

The last thing I wanted to worry about was looking good – I wanted to FEEL good and I wanted my routines to be simple in between the races to the shows, the sunning on the deck and the nighttime dinners. My face freaks out if I don’t take care of it, so that was not gonna be an option. One thing that really helped me with the rush between all the ship activities AND my packing was to throw some Pond’s Towelettes into my suitcase. I did not have to worry about them leaking all over my luggage and I could do a quick swipe in the bathroom to clear off the days dirt, grime and makeup while being refreshed to head back out again quickly.


It is amazing how many times you have to redo your face on a cruise in one day!


Aside from my amazing and fun vacation, my daily life is also often full of no time. What can I say, I am a mom first. Personally I love that I can grab a towelette to clean up rather than having to fully jump in a shower or practically dunk my face in the sink.

Like Ponds Says:

Most women know you shouldn’t go to sleep without taking off your makeup, but some makeup removers just don’t moisturize and exfoliate the way you want. Pond’s Towelettes simplify your beauty regime and gently remove all makeup, plus they leave skin feeling moisturized.

And I have some great news! Right now you can get $1 off Ponds Towelettes so you can slim up your beauty routine as well! I think if you try them you will also love them and see all the versatile uses of how cleaning up this way is a lot more effective than a face full of water one time a day.


What do you use on your face to keep up in between your routine?


*article brought to you by Lunchbox PR, opinion all my own

6 Amazing Shares Facebook 4 Pin It Share 0 Twitter 2 Google+ 0 StumbleUpon 0 Email -- 6 Amazing Shares ×


  1. I love the wet cleansing towelettes and always take them on every vacation.

  2. Wow, I would love these. Need to check them out.

  3. I’ve never tried these before but I should. I’m embarrassed to admit I’ve used baby wipes.

  4. I buy cleansing clothes for my teen that has trouble with acne. She has a morning, after school and evening routine to keep her skin looking its best. I am going to buy these for her and see if she likes them.

  5. I’m honestly ashamed to admit it, but nothing :( If I can manage washing my face a few times through the day with cold water, that would be a miracle!

  6. I love face cleansing towelettes! Especially the Pond’s! Thanks for the coupon!

  7. I still have yet to try Ponds, I always hear great things about them. Guess they’re going on the shopping list.

  8. I have to admit that some nights I crash before I get to take my makeup. I definitely should buy some Pond’s Towelettes for those late nights, especially with that coupon!

  9. Love stashing my Ponds in my gym bag. I don’t like to shower at the gym, but I do want to clean all the sweat and gunk from my pores right away.

  10. I keep these in my car and always travel with them. They make life so easy.

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