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Getting Paid to Search online? It’s easy!

Hey guys! It’s Trisha. I am sure you probably already knew that since you are my mom blog, but if you didn’t, yeah it’s me.

Recently this new company Qmee approached me to tell me about a new way you can earn money from home by doing what you are already doing…searching online. They asked me for a chance to tell MomDot readers what they do and since so many of my friends (well, all of them) are online in some capacity, it seems like a fantastic fit.  Take 2 minutes and read this short article on how to earn while you are sitting at your desk chair:.



You know that moment when you are desperately rooting around for some spare change? Ever just wish that you had spare change more often? Well, this might just be the answer.

Hi, we are Qmee. We have a browser app that lets you earn money for searching online. No, really we do!

After downloading the app, which is faster than making a cup of coffee, you don’t actually have to do anything else.  It works behind the scenes so that every time you do a search, whether it’s in Google, Yahoo, Bing, or even Amazon or eBay, Qmee pops up alternative search results. Even better is that these results have cash rewards. Actual cash, not points!

The results aren’t obtrusive popups – they don’t appear in the way of the other results you see, but just neatly down the left hand side so you can still click on your original results if you didn’t like what Qmee has to offer.

This cash accumulates in your piggybank as you click on the different links if they are interesting to you, and you can check your balance at any time by clicking the little Q icon in the toolbar.

So how do you get the cash? Hit the cashout button, and the money gets sent to your PayPal. There is NO MINIMUM cashout amount, so it doesn’t matter if you have 15cents or $2 in your piggybank, you can get at it! As long as you have a PayPal account set up, the money appears in your account within a few minutes.

Let’s just recap – you don’t have to press any special buttons or remember to launch a special browser, you don’t have to click on the results if they don’t interest you but if you do you get rewarded, and there is no minimum cashout amount.

Here’s a quick demo video so you can see how it works:

Qmee currently works brilliantly in Chrome and Firefox, not so good in Internet explorer (not our fault, honest), and a Safari version is on the way shortly.


What do you think? I wanted to show you what it does in my browser because I downloaded it to check it out before I allowed them to share this with you.  Qmee is currently in beta, so you can only signup if you have been invited.

Luckily I have some invites, but I only have 20, so hurry if you want to test this out!!

Earn Money with Qmee and use an Invite now before they are gone!



I have been selected by Qmee to spread awareness about this program. While I have been compensated for my time, my opinions are my own, and I have not been paid to post positive comments.

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