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Raising $150K for public Schools…by tweeting

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half-face-ice_biggerI came across this on twitter today and thought how great it was to see social networking taking a turn towards charity programs. Aside from our  own amazing blogging charity at BloggersGive.com (raised $5K in products so far this year!), there are so many others reaching out to do the same thing.

I personally know RomeoTheCat whom is raising 5cents for every follower on twitter and is consistently offered matching donations. All money raised goes to help homeless animals.

And today I found out about a new program where $3 is donated for every new follower up to $150K to help out public education. That’s all you do…….you hit follow and bam, $3 donated. AMAZING!


To encourage you to follow and have your $3 donated by them, we will also up the pot by allowing you 5 extra entries on all of our contests, the entire month long (you need to add your own, call it “tweet entries” on as many contests you like) . I am a big advocate of charity and when ways to contribute are right in front of us, I want to do all I can to help encourage it as well!

You can learn more about the program, how to earn entries to win a Macbook or 2 Roundtrip tickets to anywhere in the world, right Here.

Taking an hour to mentor a child, sending a single e-mail, or following someone on Twitter — remember that the small things are often what have the biggest impact, as we actually do them.

Interested in doing more? Please consider donating a few dollars directly to U.S. classrooms near you through DonorsChoose.org.


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  1. Awesome idea! After recently attending the Kindergarten Information meeting at my public school and finding out that the program I needed for my son will not be running next year because there is no funding, I’m very sympathetic to this cause.

  2. I’m following all of the ones you posted, I esp. like that cat one, LOL!! Some of the past twitters look funny!

  3. That is awesome. I am now following him on twitter http://twitter.com/lvelasco

  4. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing about it-I’m now following.

  5. Done.

  6. Cool! I am now following both of those. Thanks for sharing about these charities.

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