Top Toys!

She’s making a list….she’s checking it twice… Mom, that is!

Last week Charlotte had gymnastics party where she got to finally meet up with Santa. I totally skipped the mall hoopla this year, but she is at a age that she doesn’t notice where she meets him, but just that she does.

She told Santa she wanted “DSL” for Christmas. She meant a DSi, but he looked at her like…huh?

I guess he probably thinks we live in the dark ages.

Whatever it is your child is asking for, begging for, constantly reminding you of when the commercial comes on, the one thing you are going to need to make the magic happen is batteries! Do not be a fuddy duddy parent that has all the gifts but nothing actually turns on. Its a quick way to turn your child from an Angel Baby into Scrooge McDuck. Plus, if you have to run out to the store last minute, if you can even find a place open, you will miss football…and food.

Rayovac is here to help!

To take some of the guesswork out of what batteries you you need to have on hand, Rayovac has published this handy dandy Top Toys and the batteries they need sheet.

Take a look:

(PSSSSSSSSST……Shop for all these toys on Amazon!)

Major Check on the iXL for me…in fact, its sitting right next to me, on my desk, needing batteries. That’s where Charlotte left it the other day which was clearly the worlds biggest hint that I needed to get it into working status again. You can see that I am moving fast on that request.

Don’t be me.


Rayovac reminds you to load up on batteries, that they are there for you this holiday season with all sorts of packs, rechargeables, and batteries to fill every type of need, and to not leave your kids hanging on Christmas morning!

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9 more days! 9 more days!


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