Christmas is coming, dont forget the batteries

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I think every blogger, at least on some level, has companies contact them in hopes for a quick link or access to their audience. If you read here a lot (and you should) you know that I don’t over indulge in products or giveaways, so I hope that when I do talk about something you realize its because its a brand I truly love and believe in or a brand that I buy and am curious about. I mean, that should always be the case of course, but in my case, it has to be special for me to take time out to talk about something I purchase.

But don’t be fooled, I purchase every day. I just don’t talk about purchases every day.

Then you would know what a Shopaholic I was.

Recently Rayovac contacted me and asked if I would be interested in learning more about their company and I found myself saying yes. In fact, I surprised myself by saying yes.

Like all families, we go through hoards of batteries, gobs of batteries, batteries rule my life on some days.  Where the double As, the 8 Ds I need for my new outdoor flashlight, the clicker on my car is dying, the  remote controlled car in Charlotte’s closet wont run…and that’s just the last week. With the controllers, and remotes, and handhelds, and all the other tirade of electronics, its just product that is in my every day life. And not surprisingly, Rayovac has been my brand of choice. I would like to tell you its because of the pretty boxes they come in or that I knew they were the best, but really it started out as them being the best price.

Now I find learning about companies very interesting. From their conception, to their marketing, to what makes them tick, I think when you learn about something and dive into it, it can be come more than just a brand or a product, it becomes an identity. Rayovac believes the same thing. They invited myself and about 1o other bloggers (I need to track down that list for some linky love) onto a phone call and a web presentation to show us the difference between them and other brands.

So, Trisha, you went to a webinar on batteries?

Yes, yes I did.

And let me share with you what I learned.  There is some truth to not all batteries are created equal. There are off brands that companies throw in toys to just get you home on the demo. Mainstream, however, the competitive brands have very little that separates one product from the other. Its often just a consumer preconceived notion on who is better or who isn’t or what you have ‘always used’.

That’s how commercialism works.

On a factual basis, Rayovac not only uses competitive ingredients (and sometimes even better like with hearing aid batteries being 45% longer lasting than other brands), but they are less expensive. The reason is because Rayovac puts their campaign money into the battery for the consumer instead of into the commercials- not because the product itself is inferior. Less money on advertising means less money out of your pocket.

If only all companies were this responsible. Then I could afford to buy more stuff to put batteries in, kwim?

Over the next 6 months, I’ll be joining a pack of Power Bloggers (get it….power…..) that will be bringing facts and information to you regarding batteries, a product we both rely on for everyday life.  Like for example, did you know that Rayovac is the official battery for Disney World?

See, I am upping your Trivial Pursuit score right now.

You’re welcome.

As I learn, you will also learn and I’ll document the journey and wherever it takes me. I suppose this makes me a nerd at heart. Before you ask, yes, you could absolutely catch me watching how cheese puffs and cereal are made on the Discovery Channel, so no shocker here when someone offers me a way to get some incite.

Oh, oh, one more thing. I did learn that Rayvoc has been Made in the USA since 1906. We DO have companies that value Americans as workers! I have a personal mission in life to support American based companies.

Rock. On. Rayovac.



(PSSSSSSSSSST: You know you want a coupon!!)



I am a Rayovac sponsored Blogger.

Everyone wants to know what YOU are reading: Don't Forget To Share!
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  1. says

    We love Rayovac batteries. My favorite thing they offered were the coupons for when you buy two packs of batteries you save $3 on Soda or water. I wish they would bring back those coupons.

  2. says

    We love Rayovak batteries her as well. With four boys, our house pretty much runs on batteries with all of their toys. Rayovak is so much more affordable than other brands and the batteries last just as long!

  3. says

    I didn’t know they were made in America but I buy them because they are priced better and last just as long as the other brands. Just goes to prove, you can have a high quality American made product at a great price point.

  4. says

    It’s good to know that they have been made in the US for so long!!! We almost always buy Rayovac. The price alone makes it worth it-and they last just as long as some of the “other” brands. 😉

  5. A Daddy Blog says

    I’ve always wondered what batteries are best or if they were all the same. I’d like to buy American and save a buck at the same time. Thanks.

    -Michael (