Only In Alabama, Interesting Rebel Flag

I know this week I have totally fallen off the fashion band wagon but that’s because I left my house and saw all these interesting local sites.

And now I’m feeling worldly and must share.

There was something ultra special about the rebel flag with the pit bull drooling and a “Dixie” tag hanging around its neck. Its like extra red neck. It screams…I’m not just a racist, I fight dogs too!

I smell Christmas presents all around!


  1. says

    You know…people wonder why southerners are seen as ignorant…and why pit bulls are seen as monsters. This bullstink here just perpetuates those beliefs. I’m proud to be a southern gal, I just wish we could ship the idiots out to sea somewhere. There’s a difference in being southern and being a redneck. There’s a difference in being country and being a hick. Some people just don’t need to share themselves (and their ideas) so much.

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