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Last week when my friend Nicole was visiting, my husband tossed me a Ruth Chris gift card and told me to go out for a night on the town, so we took a


A “momcation” is not quite like a vacation, it’s just a night away from the kids. Which actually sounds a lot like a vacation come to think of it.but trust me this was better. In any case we took that gift card, grabbed some tickets to see Identity Thief and ran before he changed his mind.

(sidenote: my husband is really really great about being with the kids as a family or alone)

We originally thought we might head over to Biloxi and wander around the Casinos but as a Resident Moms Club member, I thought this was a perfect time to check out what our local Mobile Residence Inn had to offer so we went to check it out.  When we got there and were able to get a 2 bedroom hotel room for only $169, we took it! I have never stayed in a “hotel” that had more than one room so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I do know that the Residence Inn tries to be more than a hotel room, but rather a home away from home, so I was looking forward to seeing their two bedroom rooms. And from picking up groceries for you, full stoves, and options for several rooms in one compartment, they really do fit the bill.

Residence Inn: Two Bedroom Suites

Our room was laid out with a living room (that also had a fold out couch), a dinette table, and a full kitchen with dishwasher and stove. On either side of the living room were bedrooms, each with its own bathroom, closet and flat screen.




The hotel we stayed at had a gym accessible 24 hours a day, an indoor pool and hot tub, a fire-pit area with a grill, a mini store, a coffee area and full breakfast in  the morning! We totally hit the Jackpot without going to Biloxi!

We were both able to get ready in our own bathrooms, go to dinner,

(here is us on our night out on the town…it was pretty dark so hard for our cells to capture)

Residence Inn Stay Review

Residence Inn Stay Review





come back, went to the hot tub to relax…


got ready for bed, curled up on the couch to eat the rest of our dessert and watch wedding shows and then we went off to our own rooms where we didn’t have to share the covers!

 We had a WONDERFUL night and I preferred this over to running to the Casinos any day. It was a perfect end to Mardi Gras for us. Residence Inn has now become my absolute MUST book when I spend the night out on any momcation, staycation, or vacation.  I am looking forward to heading back with  my husband on a night away as well.

Now its your turn!

Win a $250 Residence Inn Gift Card

Residence Inn has given me a $250 Gift card (that I have in my possession on my desk now) so you can have a chance to stay at one of their FABULOUS locations yourself. Just follow instructions on the loading Rafflecopter! Thank you for your entry! If you are interested in other contests, I am running an iPad Mini giveaway here and a Step 2 Easy Turn Coupe here.

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  1. Cheryl Reinhardt says

    I would take my Husband…… he just had a total knee replacement 3 weeks ago, this would be a GREAT TREAT for both of us, especially him!!!

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