Residence Inn Was a Home Away from Home!

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This past week we went to the Justin Bieber concert for Charlotte’s birthday (See us surprising her here) and needed a place to stay. As a Resident Mom Club member we took this opportunity to spend some time getting to know the Residence Inn. To be honest I had never stayed at one before and while I am an avid Marriott visitor, this was my first time checking out what made the Residence Inn so different from other places you can stay.

Residence Inn: Our Experience

From the moment we arrived we were treated with so much respect. Keep in mind that the hotel has no idea who I am or if I have stayed there before. They just knew I was a guest and they treated me as such. After a less than 5 minute check in process, we were chatting about being in town for the concert and the hotel recommended we take a taxi instead of drive due to traffic and parking at night. I decided to take them up on their expertise and they had Charlotte and I a taxi waiting at 6pm like requested!

When we first walked in we were supervised to see a kitchen…that had a STOVE!

Officially this is the first hotel I have stayed in that had a stove top in it and a fully stocked kitchen!

 Residence Inn Stay Review

Charlotte was enamored with the big bed and the TV that swiveled around. Honestly the entire room was decorated so beautifully.  And check it can have someone do the shopping for you! Perfect for a city where you don’t know where everything is at. Had I stayed there longer, I would have taken advantage of this service.


Of course it didn’t take Charlotte and I long to make ourselves feel at home….

Residence Inn Stay Review Residence Inn Stay Review



Don’t worry…we cleaned it up before we left. Even though Charlotte wanted to stay FOREVER.

The funniest part of the trip was that she kept telling me I had to go touch the toilet paper. That it was, and I quote, “like a little fuzzy kitten.”

I started to wonder if we have like 1 ply in our house.

This girl loves to travel.

She also kept telling me she was hoping we would get snowed in and we would have to stay another day.

Btw, breakfast was perfect after our long night. We had cereal, eggs, sausage and biscuits, OJ, and Oatmeal. I had a HUGE cup of coffee after being up all night with her practically laying on top of me.

It always shocks me how a child can take a King bed and make it feel like a twin.

This hotel was at the top of my list for future travel bookings and I look forward to checking out more Residence Inns.

Have you ever stayed? Do you have a hotel you like the most?


*As a proud member of the Resident Moms Club, I have been provided a gift card to enjoy a stay at any Residence Inn I like. Experiences and pictures are my own.

Everyone wants to know what YOU are reading: Don't Forget To Share!
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  1. says

    I’m sold on the Residence Inn kitchen. LOVE that you can practically cook lunch and dinner plus have brekkie downstairs. What a great arrangement

    PS Love the fuzzy kitten bit!!

  2. InkBlotMom, Kim says

    Well, I definitely know where I will be staying at next!! I have never been to one before. Thank you for the nice tour!! :-) It sounds like a pretty awesome place to stay and I am excited to give them a try!

  3. says

    I love that it included a kitchen. We always stay at Marriott hotels, we’ll even go out of our way to find one because they’re so great. But I haven’t experienced the Residence Inn version yet. That would be great for saving money on eating out.

    • says

      They have 2 room suites at Residence Inn. Next time I am getting that so Charlotte can have her own bed. That girl is a pain to sleep with. I feel bad for her future spouse.