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Reynolds REAL Moms: What is P eating?

As a mom with a 17 month old toddler and an 8 year old that is a self described chickentarian, dinner can be a battle of epic proportions. I swore to myself when I first had my daughter I would do everything right-including requiring that she ate what we ate.

That ended with a bombshell when she was moving from jar foods to real foods and refused, and I mean REFUSED, to eat anything that wasn’t pureed and had zero spices-to include salt. My son, on the other hand, will eat just about everything you put in front of him and would take a steak over a cookie any day of the week.

You can imagine how much I scratch my head when it comes to feeding everyone. All that said, one thing this entire family can come together on is breakfast for dinner.

There is something fun, exciting, different about cooking breakfast foods where dinner should be! It just feels so right! We have plenty of nights where my husband whips up homemade waffles, hash browns, and toast. We do eggs, cereal, pancakes, and bacon! And you know with bacon life is just about perfect.

So I wanted to give you a fun and great way to excite your family with a dinner meal that is easy, keeps everyone happy, AND made from the heart.

To see my recipe, head over and see it at Reynolds and VOTE for me while you are there! Click on little P to see what he is eating!


toddler eating

Click on me once you are there!


Stay tuned for more ways that this real mom spreads good food and good fun to her kitchen! And love this recipe? Vote!




  1. What an awesome opp Trisha! I voted for you!

  2. I voted for you, good luck! Sounds like a fun thing to be a part of and P is adorable (as always)!

  3. Good luck, Trisha! I’m voting. I use to refuse breakfast past 11 a.m. Then I tasted waffles after dark and I never looked back.

  4. That is a fantastic idea for any meal. I love breakfast for dinner too and will have to snag one of those heart shaped pans and Reynolds baking cups to make this.

  5. Go Trisha!!Sounds like your home is a duplicate of mine. Can’t wait to read all the tips you have for me…erm okay…us moms, through this contest. Hoppin’ over now!

  6. I voted! Good Luck!

  7. VOTED!!! Good luck!

  8. Congrats on being a Reynolds real mom.
    Not a big fan of breakfast for dinner because I’m closed minded that way, but will give it a try one morning. Voted for you. Real moms burn food from time to time, I’d love to see how you handle that.

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