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Black Friday Deals Samsung SmartTV ES8000

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The past 8 weeks I have had the pleasure of talking to you about my Samsung SmartTV Es8000 and the ways my family has been fortunate enough to bring it into our every day lives in some fun ways.

If you missed any of my past posts with my Family in Motion, you can catch up here:

Sadly this is my last focused post surrounding the amazing features, apps, and abilities this TV has, but hopefully I have convinced you to learn more and see if this TV is right for your home!

With Black Friday just a mere week away, now is your opportunity to bite the bullet and give your family the Christmas gift that you know you really want.

Can you imagine it? Every football game, big screen movie, and Johnny Depp in 55 inches of awesomeness? It’s my reality and now it can be yours!

Thankfully I will be able to keep in touch with all of you courtesy of my SmartTV. With the innovation apps like Social Share that puts my Facebook account right along the side of my shows, to live talking courtesy of Skype, there isn’t any reason that I wont be seeing more of my friends and family, even when I am not in my office.

Remember that your smart TV is motion controlled, face recognition, has a whole host of apps that are educational and learning in nature, and control some of the most fun you have in your home. Listen to Pandora, watch your favorite YouTube videos in widescreen, and feel like you are right on the football field this Thanksgiving (minus the cold weather!).

And with an Evolution Kit coming to market soon, keeping your TV up to date just got easier!

Of course there is still time to WIN a Samsung Smart TV by heading over to the Facebook page and playing along with the Check In Challenge.

I want to thank Samsung for giving my busy family the chance to explore this TV the past two months and really see how far the advancements of technology have com. The only type of TV we have in our home IS a Samsung and it goes to show that we have always chosen right. From our 32 inch bedroom flat screen, our 42 inch master bedroom movie night, and our big 55 inch family gathering, we have been not only pleased, but impressed, with how clear the picture always is.

Make sure you continue to follow Samsung on Facebook, play the game, and of course me at MomDot, for all the latest Samsung news! You can also check out these other bloggers for updates on their Family in Motion Samsung Smart TV experience:

Ready to buy? Head over to visit Samsung on Amazon for great prices!

*sponsored by Families in Motion

5 Amazing Shares Facebook 0 Pin It Share 0 Twitter 5 Google+ 0 StumbleUpon 0 Email -- 5 Amazing Shares ×


  1. I love this tv! I’m on furniture/appliance hiatus right now since everything we buy is just one more thing to pack up and/or worry about getting back to the West Coast in one piece, but this would be the ideal TV for our new family room! (That’s about the only thing I know for sure I’ll have, a family room big enough for lots of entertaining as it’s a non-negotiable when we finally get to house shop.) I’m sold on it being on the top of our list when the time comes…

  2. That think looks fantastic. I especially like how small the frame is around the screen…it’s pretty much nothing but on big screen!

  3. I was just looking through the Samsung sales in the Walmart ad. The Smart TV is out of the budget for the playroom but I loved reading about all of the features they have!

  4. I so need this, or want, same thing ;-)

  5. I can not wait to get a bigger house, so we can have the space for something like this!

  6. Ever since reading your first post I fell in love with this t.v. I am trying to convince my husband how perfect it is for me.

  7. I’m pretty sure my husband would black out from happiness if he got this t.v. for Christmas this year. I seriously love how you can skype on it.

  8. You’ve pretty much convinced my husband that this will be his next tv. We were going to wait to replace the living room one but there’s so many good Black Friday deals on it he’s trying to drag me out shopping next week.

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