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Things that lurk in the dark…

I am rarely outside at night, so the other night when I pulled in after 9 and saw this in my driveway…

I was a bit shocked.


This guy spun a HUGE web and no, it was not a banana spider. I really do not know what kind it was other than massive and ugly.

The most impressive part was that his web extended from a line on the top of the gutter down to the grass.

The next morning the entire web was dismantled and he was gone.




  1. While I am totally impressed with the web – it is gorgeous; and your photography is incredible, the whole thing gives me the creeps. I am itching all over thing that there is a spider crawling all over me, EEWWW!

  2. It actually made me think of Charlotte’s web….that is because it was outside of the house! If it had been inside….ugh! But outside is just fine with me!

  3. Oh I hate spiders, but that is a very impressive web. I imagine a lot of work went into that! At least you didn’t walk into it!

  4. Oh man! I think that is awesome!! But at your house, not mine :)

  5. I think I would have peed my pants. I am SO not a fan of spiders!

  6. She followed you in. Or Blondie walked into it and didn’t realize it.

  7. Eewwwww! That one is super ugly!

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