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This is totally an A+

Chris said if he  she doesn’t get an A on his her 2nd grade science project, it’s rigged.



He didn’t do it for her. He is pretty strict with her about her homework.

They worked HARD on this together over the past few weeks. I refused to help. I said daily homework and Phoenyx is enough for me to do so I assigned it to them.

Way to go daddy and C!



  1. Turned out great!

  2. That is awesome!! The picture is priceless too! Wonderful memory making moment for sure!

  3. Ok this photo is totally a framer! Their faces are classic and look at her face <3

  4. It looks really great!! And look how proud she is!!

  5. Is so pretty! Can’t wait to hear how she does.

  6. They did a great job! I’m sure she’s going to get an A+ on it!

  7. That is awesome.A total A+!

  8. They did a GREAT job! I think my son was in 2nd or 3rd grade when he did a solar system for the science fair! His had some astronauts and rockets that he made from the paper toys website and we did it a bit differently, they’re fun to make! I love how your daughter’s has the star part up top, very unique and pretty!

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