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Why is there sugar in my baby formula?

The first thing I am going to say, because we are online and it can so quickly go uncivilized, that this is not a breastfeeding vs formula debate.

But I do want to discuss something.

Why the HELL does my sons formula have SUGAR and Corn Syrup in it?

This week randomly I realized that the Similac Sensitive has the first two ingredients as this:


Here, let me get closer.



I am going to not sit over here and pretend I am a world class healthy eater. Sure, I am great with portion control and am not overweight (save for the 5 pounds I still need to lose from pregnancy) but I do my fair share of going out to eat and drinking cokes.

You already know that if you read my blog.

But I am an adult.

My son is a newborn.

Why would a baby formula ever need added sugar? Giving it the benefit of the doubt that it was some sort of “requirement” in the processing (hey, I’m stretching here), I checked other sample formulas in my home and couldn’t find these two ingredients listed in the few I checked.

Keep in mind that this is my “Dr. approved” formula.

I am not trying to put little P on a diet or anything, but can anyone answer WHY my 5.5 week old is getting supplemental sugar mixed in with his nutrients?



  1. Camille D says:

    Corn syrup is by far WORSE than sugar. The medical community uses sugar as a method to ease an infants pain. Sugar is nothing like corn syrup which is made of GMO corn & causes obesity.

  2. brittany says:

    So far the only formula my 5 month old can eat with no problems is the Similac Sensitive. I had to stop breast feedding after about two months because my supply ran out because I went back to work a week and a half after I gave birth. I have tried Enfamil Gentlelease, AR, and Reguline, Gerber Soy, and Similac Alimentum. All those formula cause him to spit up hours after feeding. I have even had him on two different reflux medicines and tried tucking his formula with baby oatmeal. Nothing is working so we are back to trying the Similac Sensitive after a month of issues. If anyone as any better suggestions, I’m open to hear your thoughts.

  3. Try Enfamil Gentlease, they don’t use SUCROSE in any of their products. I used it with my son. He is happy and healthy, and SUPER smart!

  4. Felt compelled to point out, since debbie caught some flack, that her comment against commercial formulas did not in any apparent way to me appear to disparage mothers who don’t breastfeed. She simply pointed out the inadequacies of COMMERCIAL formula, not formula in general. I’m sure there are some lovely, incredibly healthy brands out there, and there are also some wonderful recipes moms can make at home. Homemade anything, using whole fresh ingredients, is usually superior to store bought, and certainly there are better formulas out there than one that used isolate vitamins and is inorganic.

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