We are a family of readers! #SoarwithReading

Everyone wants to know what YOU are reading: Don't Forget To Share!
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“I participated in an Influencer Activation Program on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for JetBlue. I received a promotional item to thank me for participating.”


When it comes to reading, my family is no stranger to a book.

My closet:


(Keep in mind we moved just a month ago so not all unpacked!)

the side of my tub…yes all of those are current.


My daughters room:




My sons room:


even my husbands nightstand has a book.


(this is his series right now)

As parents we know its our responsibility to instill the love of reading down to our kids. When I was a child I read everything- the back of soup cans, boxes, magazines, TIME books, and every series you could ever think of, Nancy Drew, Boxcar kids, Hardy Boys and on and on and on. My husband came into his love of reading as an adult. It used to take him ages to get through a book but now he stays pretty close to how fast I read.

Charlotte is another thing.

Her world is full of outside play and little brothers and horses, sometimes getting her to read is a chore, but not for lack of a positive role model. Finding good books that makes her want to go back to them is trial and error.

Although she is always available to read to her brother, I want her to pick up a book by choice!


(Sitting in his crib reading yesterday)



Right now JetBlue is participating in a fantastic promotion with the fantastic kid series, Magic Tree House.

Help JetBlue donate $500,000 worth of Magic Tree House books to kids in need by guessing where Jack and Annie are traveling!

All you have to do is head over, watch a short video with a clue, and then make the guess where Jack and Annie are going! By doing so you DONATE A BOOK to kids in need- which is amazing.

Charlotte and I watched the video, made the guess, and had a book donated! YAY!!!!


Plus afterwards I entered the additional sweepstakes and you can too!

Everyone who submits a guess has a chance to win one of six first-prize trips throughout the summer, which will include a JetBlue Getaways Travel Certificate for two and an autographed copy of Magic Tree House #52: Soccer on Sunday, or a grand-prize drawing, with first prize being a JetBlue Getaways vacation for up to four people and a Magic Tree House boxed set of books. Second prizes, which include a Magic Tree House boxed set, will also be awarded!!





Before summer is over, I want Charlotte to finish Bridget To Terabithia (seriously, I can still remember sitting in the tub in 5th grade reading this book…and crying) and Ginger Pye.  I will have finished my bathtub stack by Mid August.

Now do not forget to take out 1 minute of your time so a child in need can get a book! Reading is fundamental to children, to adults, to everyone and this is a way you can give just by heading over.



Are you a family of readers?

Book suggestions always welcome in the comments.




Everyone wants to know what YOU are reading: Don't Forget To Share!
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  1. Rebecca Orr says

    My sister and I are lovers of all books. My mom used to yell at us for reading by our windows at night (we were using the bright moonlight or the street lamps!!). My son….not so much. He is going into 2nd grade and has zero interest. We let him choose his own books and tell him to choose what will keep his interest…..Lego, Star Wars, cars and trucks, etc. But even then, they just don’t keep his interest. I am going to keep trying though,

  2. says

    We are! I teach second grade and my boys and girls love the Magic Tree House Series. My daughters love to read. Sometimes they even have a few chapter books going on at once.

  3. says

    We love to read and have ton of books. We also enjoy going to the library. My 9 year old reads every day for at least an hour I love that she enjoys reading because I can’t imagine my day without a book. Hopefully my baby boy will be the same way. His sister is reading to him every night :)

  4. says

    I haven’t read a book from start to finish in years. Many years. My kids read a lot more than I do, though, so at least that’s good.

  5. says

    We are certainly a family of readers. We have been reading to our oldest since he was 4 months old, and our youngest has been sitting in on bedtime stories for his brother since about 2 months old. We love books here!

  6. says

    I wish our shelves looked as tidy!! We have so many books that the boys lose their library books among the ones they own. I had to tell my mom that she needed to stop getting library until they read what they have.