Southern Living Strawberry Cake: Nailed it.

After a trip to the store,

30 minutes prep,

and 2 hours of cooking for this beautiful cake….







How is this even POSSIBLE?

And  y’all question when we end up at fast food for dinner?




PS I had much better luck with a Kit Kat Brownie recipe!


  1. Ned says

    hahaha.. kudos to you for sharing this! i always feel like I’m such a loser when I can’t “nail” stuff like that.. but now i feel human again:)

  2. Amy says

    Gosh I couldn’t have even attempted that cake, I suck at anything that requires egg whites and then layering!

  3. says

    This is exactly how it would have turned out if I tried this–you’re not alone!

    Still looks like it would taste good, though, strawberry crepes instead?

  4. says

    Don’t you love when this happens? I am always so scared to make those pretty things because mine don’t turn out so pretty. Was your result tasty at least?

    • says

      Its egg whites and sugar. I had it all fluffy and you add the other crap I had to prep (pecans, cornstarch) to it and fold it in..then goes in the oven where it died.

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