Quotes from Starbucks

Wisdom from a cup of coffee…..

“The Way I See It”





  1. says

    I’ve never seen quotes on Starbucks mugs… Must be an American thing, and/or Canadian, judging by the French. The bilingual ones make me happy. I’d like a job translating quotes!

  2. says

    I’ve never seen quotes on Starbucks cups… Must be an America thing? And/or Canada, judging by the French… The bilingual ones make me smile… I’d like a job translating quotes please!

  3. Wiggs says

    Okay. I disagree with Keith Olbermann’s quote on both accounts.
    1. People are never right when they say you’re not “good enough,” you’re just not ready.
    2. Don’t tell yourself that people just aren’t “smart enough” when they don’t say what you want them to say.That makes you a smug prick.

    Furthermore proof that I have NOTHING in common with Keith Olbermann (thank God.)

    • says

      I agree completely! A person may not be right for something or they may not be able to know how to do it, or they might just down-right SUCK!!! BUT, no one is never “not good enough”. Keith Olbermann obviously has been told that she’s not good enough; sad thing is, she just might believe it.

    • Rae says

      So you have opposing opinions. Why can’t you present yours without insulting someone trying to make her change on the world? War isn’t the only thing keeping us from peace, it’s all the hatred in the world. We can’t rid the world of it all, but we can sure as hell try.

      • Anonymous says

        Just because you know about something, doesn’t make it common knowledge. ‘Famous’ is as relative as ‘buffoon.’ I could talk to you about Robert Lang’s latest works, but just because you don’t know about what line of work Robert Lang is in, or why he’s famous, doesn’t necessarily make you a buffoon for not realizing he’s famous in his own circles. This person simply is not in the circle in which these people are famous in, and therefore wouldn’t know that these people are considered famous by many people.

        Ignorance is the unwillingness to seek knowledge or avoiding knowledge altogether. You’d insult someone for asking something that you had to have at one point asked or wondered about yourself.

        • CoachMcGuirk says

          I’m gonna back them up on the “buffoon” comment. The quotes don’t just have a name, they also denote the profession of the person and often their most famous works or what they’re known for. If Robert Lang had a Starbucks quote like this, then underneath it would say something like, “Robert Lang, artist and physicist, known mainly for applying principles from origami to engineering problems.” This isn’t a matter of ignorance, it’s a matter of not paying attention. On both your part and the part of the person who asked whether these people were in a “Starbucks think tank.”

  4. Fafa says

    I havent seen any “the way I see it” quotes on starbucks cups recently. There needs to be a comeback! loved the quotes! :)

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