A Little Dadgineering goes a long way

This weekend, to celebrate the weather being somewhere in the 70’s, we spent the majority of it outdoors. Chris put together one of  Phoenyx’s long awaited Christmas presents that finally arrived, Charlotte and P did as much as possible to be involved to the max in that process, and I supplied logic, cheerleading, and water cup filling.

Moms are good for the team work stuff.

Speaking of P’s gift, we got him a Step2 Clubhouse Climber. We bought one almost identical, same brand, nearly same design, for Charlotte when she was about 3. I sold it for the exact amount I bought it for when she grew out of it. And it’s no wonder because these things are so well engineered…or in our case, Dadgineered.

The kids were helping at every step!

In the end, they did it!

Took 3 hours and 45 minutes to put together…of course that’s with a couple helpers on hand… Dad’s that do not have to worry about little hands may move a bit quicker.

Step 2 Clubhouse Climber

So far its been a big hit with the kids and I look forward to playing with it more. It is so nice for P to be able to climb up and be a “big boy” because the current Highlander Swingset we have is pretty much a death trap for him.

Just so you know the pirate boat in the picture is NOT part of the Step2 Clubhouse Climber. That is the Pirate Water Table we got him for Christmas. My intentions were to let him keep it in the house for fun time, but that shortly ended 2 days in because he kept taking buckets of water and DUMPING them on the floor in the dining room.

Now that’s been demoted to strictly outdoors for obvious reasons.

Oh, and if you are looking to buy one of these, they are on sale right now on Amazon. There is also a new version with brighter colors.

You can see it here: Clubhouse Climber (New Colors).

I also wanted to take time to announce that I am 1 of 25 bloggers for Step2 this year! I am really excited to showcase some brand new toys that will be coming to a shelf near you and let you know how the kids like them. This climber was not part of that program, but as you can tell we are huge fans of the brand in our house already so it’s a perfect fit for this blog.

Who knew watching my two kids play together would be so rewarding?! Maybe if I had thought they would actually like each other instead of fight all the time I would have had that short one a bit sooner. But then again, I do miss the last 5 years of sleep I took for granted.

Tough call.



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