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About Sugar and Spice:

Sugar & Spice Décor knows the halcyon days of youth are a time for dreams. As parents, you want to do everything you can to encourage your children’s exuberance, imagination and excitement. That’s the reason we’re here. We provide you with one place where you can easily purchase all the pieces and accessories necessary to create stimulating environments that will inspire your children on many levels and help them get the rest they need to feel energized and enthusiastic each day.

We also know that people don’t stop being cool and fashionable when they become parents. Sure, you want the décor of your child’s bedroom to reflect his or her personality, but you also want it to be harmonious with your personal tastes and the rest of the house too! And if you’re going to be seen around town with a diaper bag, it better be chic.


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There are so many cute items but this…get this…I LOVE IT!!! How dainty and darling!

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*not a sponsored article…just supporting the ad on my sidebar since I saw this discount code listed! I love discount codes!


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