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Summer has arrived!

It’s hard to blog when there is so much going on in the US right now, so I thought I would just share some smiles from yesterday. Summer has arrived and Little P is enjoying life!

Mud puddles, a hose, and 80 degree weather makes for a happy, happy baby.











  1. SUCH a sweet boy!! I love that you took advantage of the weather and got some smiles out of the day!

  2. He couldn’t be any cuter! And wow, your dog has gotten much bigger!

  3. aww.. He’s such an adorable kid! and he looks so happy with the hose pipe! Life’s simple little pleasures:)

  4. He looks SOOO sweet and has that devious smile at the same time! I just love that look on little children! We can all take a lesson from their rule book, have fun and smile, be goofy and just have a good time! LOVE IT!

  5. Now I want to get a wading pool for myself. I could see me sitting in a chair, soaking my feet in cool water while sipping an ice cold lemonade and reading a good book.

    He looks like he’s really enjoying himself.

  6. He’s the cutest little boy Trisha! Thanks for the smiles.

  7. Oh soo adorable!

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