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Mobile Mardi Gras Parade Schedule 2013

I bet you think that Mardi Gras started in New Orleans. It didn’t. New Orleans would like you to believe that and yes, they have some fantastic floats and parades, which combined with debauchery, nakedness, and alcohol, can be a lot of fun. But Mardi Gras actually started in Mobile, Alabama and the first celebration […]

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Only in Alabama

WOOT WOOT! I finally have a new “Only in Alabama” for y’all! The day before yesterday when Chris and I were on our date to the mall (cause that is what parents do when they get free time…chores), we saw this car…hauling a trailer…of a truck bed. This is all homemade, folks. I can’t decide […]


Only in Alabama: Bail

I realize its been some time since I have done an “Only In Alabama” posting and believe me, its not for lack of photo opps. Its just that sometimes things are SO embarrassing in this city that I don’t want to admit I live here. At any rate, I could not resist snapping this shot […]


F2 Tornado…touchdown 1 mile away

I live in the South. We like our mother nature with a 2 week notice, re: hurricanes. So yesterday when the whole “in like a lion” roared through hauling some spring showers, it also brought major thunder, lighting, power outages, and something totally unexpected- a tornado. Right down the street. It was super fun huddled […]

Dauphin Island Oil Rigs in Every Direction

Last night we went out to Dauphin Island. Its been a few weeks since the infamous oil spill and reports of oil washing up  here have hit the news sporadically. While we did find some spots that looked suspiciously like oil soaked driftwood amidst our white sandy beaches, it could also be any number of […]

Right out to the Oil Spill

I thought this was the best footage I have seen at all regarding the oil spill. Of course it didn’t come from a news organization, so that’s probably why. I am shocked it only has 2700 views on youtube…..you have to watch and pass on! If you head to this boaters site and go to […]

Oil Spill Alabama Coast Line

Today we ran out to the beach…that oil spill is heading our direction and we were curious to see if the beach is putting anything into place. It was just last year I did a post on seeing all the oil rigs on the beaches when you are out there. Ironic. However it looks like […]

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Snow Hits the Gulfcoast

WOW!! This is major here…like a hurricane hitting Iowa. The cat is weirded out.

Only In Alabama

Think he is compensating for anything? Yes, its as obnoxious as it looks.


O. M. G. Look at this email I just got.

We filed our state taxes about a week before April 15th through the mail. I rarely go through the mail, but since we lived in two states last year and our refund wasn’t spectacular, I didn’t want to pay turbo tax $30 to file it. Recently I realized we hadn’t received a refund (its about […]


OMG, get the Alabama ICK off of me!

I just bought an above ground pool. Mind you not a “nice” one…. Nope, not a big one where  you can swim laps and build a deck around it and pretend its a “real” pool. A true “Cheapest One I Could get at Walmart” pool. Great. Just great. I’m turning into a redneck. I’m still […]


Black Widow in the Backyard. Nice.

While outside with my daughter…….and my kitten playing around in the backyard, I look over to my left and see, what looks like a small rat, run across the fence line…which of course was a big black widow spider. I run over to take a picture of her and she had holed up in the fence […]