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baby shower gifts

5 unique gifts for a Baby Shower

Having just had a baby less than a year ago, one thing I am not is a stranger to gifts from a shower. My shower was fantastic and it was so nice to see family and friends together. I know it’s a lot harder to be on the other side of the giving end than […]


Boys have a Passion for Fashion too!

No matter what department store you walk into, there is no doubt that girls control the majority of the “cute baby clothes” market. Pink dresses, frills, lace and adorable sayings are pretty much the most common things hanging on shopping racks. Having a son, I was really concerned with finding fashion that I was proud […]


I think I will miss it.

When I got pregnant I was probably the grumpiest blogger on the planet. Ok, so I was. I can freely admit it. Not only was I having marriage problems (since resolved, Amen), but I had really resigned myself to the fact that I was happy with one child and enjoying my “sleeping through the night/vacation […]


Maxi-Cosi Piazzo collection: Play yard

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of telling you about my fabulous Maxi-Cosi Piazzo car seat and stroller. I figured I would take the time to update you on if anything has changed since I use it more and more and the answer is no. Its still fantastic and I still recommend it. […]

My Sad Bedroom

How romance with your wife dies after kids.

I always hear men wonder why the romance dies after children. This demonstration will also work show teenagers who may think having a baby is “glamorous” and “fun”. I am going to break it down in a visual showcase. My formally “bed made, scentsy candles on, flowers on the nightstand and spotless” bedroom: My Bedroom […]


Tommee Tippee Bottles

Before Baby P was born, I was scrambling on baby brands. I really had no idea, and I mean NO IDEA, on what to buy. Wandering around at Babies R Us was like a kid in a candy store for me. “Ooh this, no this, yes this!” Bright products EVERYWHERE. I had to rely a […]


Week 39 and Phoenyxs Birthday….

Well. Its been a long, long pregnancy. I am sure you are just as over it as I am. Its funny cause everyone says to me “Gosh, its gone so quickly.” QUICKLY? Do y’all realize I have been pregnant since NOVEMBER of 2010? As of 7:15 Tuesday morning, August 23rd, we can officially call this […]

Baby Quote 1

Baby Picture Quotes

With Trisha’s baby about to be born any moment, she put out a call for some guest posts. I (Alison from BeingAlison) stepped up to the plate to help out an amazing woman and mentor to me! I love doing Picture Quotes on my own blog, and my readers seem to enjoy them as well. […]


I finally bought a diaper bag!

This morning  I was reminded that I am indeed pregnant. Not that the baby and the belly don’t do that on a daily basis, but things started to get a little, lets just say… “gross ” and I was like…”oh, I think I may actually end up at the hospital at some point”. If you […]


Nursery Gliders, Rockers, and Baby Love (closed)

When you are planning for a baby, especially one 6.5 years from the one you already have, it can be majorly overwhelming. It feels like I am on a daily quest to discover the items I need vs the items I want vs the items I just cant live without. I am unsure what bottles […]


Grand Finale! My Nursery Reveal!

Chase Baby Blueprint Nursery Challenge First of all, if you missed my first three posts, make sure you catch up! This adventure has been a blast taking care of getting the old purple playroom into something that is more suitable for a newborn baby boy. I would first like to thank Chase for creating a […]


I have reached the worst stage of pregnancy….I call it…

“Cannot see or shave my bikini line” , otherwise known  as “1970’s pornstar” stage. Not that I am wearing a bikini right now, but seriously the option— completely out the window. I can’t move my stomach to the side or suck in……at ALL. Its like one big hard ball of baby that is inconsiderately not […]


Not too boy, but oh so baby…

(this is post #3 in the Chase Baby Blueprint Nursery Makeover Challenge) The time is almost here for the big reveal! It seems as soon as I get one thing done, I have 10 more that need to be completed. You would think the awesomeness of having a nursery challenge would really make me just […]

nursery 098

Nursery Makeover….a soft place for the baby to sleep

You would think that doing a nursery would be fun, exciting even. But wow! It has been hard to have one theme in your head to have ten more show up. I had originally planned a beach theme, a beach theme that included soft sands, and soft walls, and white furniture, and I am still […]


MomDot in Parents Magazine!

This month (July) in Parents Magazine, you can see Charlotte and I (and two other bloggers) on page 16. We are competing in the Blueprint Baby Nursery Challenge. My first post for the nursery challenge is here, but please come back over the next few weeks to watch it all unfold! My nursery is all […]


Nursery Makeover Challenge: Homage to My Gulf Coast Roots

Chase Blueprint Baby Challenge The Baby When I first found out I was pregnant, the panic set in. I had fully intended on being a mother of 1. A mother of one had two parents against one child. It’s completely brilliant! A mother of 1 older child had her own bath time, freedom to shop […]


All natural sunscreens!

All natural sunscreen Mom’s Natural Health and Wellness Shop and The Healthy Mom’s Magazine want you and your family to be safe from the sun’s harmful rays by protecting your skin with all natural sunscreen. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation: “UV radiation is part of the electromagnetic (light) spectrum that reaches the earth from […]


25 weeks PG Photo and a Goodbye!

Well..technically its more like 25.5 weeks. Here is the Buddha Belly…   And here is my Goodbye! I am off on my “babymoon” to a funfilled week at a resort in Mexico bright and early at 4:30am, which explains that awesomesauce Sunhat I bought today. Just call me J Lo. Bye Everyone~   ~Trisha


101 Days to Baby…which room should be the nursery?

I think when you are trying to figure out what theme to do a nursery in, part of that really depends on what colors you ultimately go with and what room you start to even design in. For us, we first had to evaluate the space in our home. What room would be his? We […]


Baby Carriers for BOYS!

Well, well, there ARE products for boys out there! I swear all I see is pink frill and ruffle, which isn’t exactly fair to the other gender. Recently I was introduced to these Snugli’s, a little carrier, that has lots of patterns and colors that help keep it so dad doesn’t get embarrassed to add […]


I just had to open my big mouth.

Over on Feb 8th…. a mere 7 days ago, I wondered when the belly baby was gonna show up. Look what happened from just last Tuesday till today: Btw, pregnant ladies…polka dots? Bad idea. ~trisha


OTC Boy or Girl test…and our results

Chris called me the other day and said he saw a boy/girl gender test at the store. After some research and chatting with others online, it appeared that the test was approximately “80%” accurate and could be taken, get this, anytime after 6 weeks. I figured since you have a 50/50 shot at guessing right […]


My Vagina Feels Abused.

Yesterday I went to the OB/GYN for the first time in 6 years. Ill let that sink in. I haven’t had a pap-smear in 6 years. Shock. Awe. Spare me the lecture. Other than the fact that I absolutely cannot stand someone touching me there, Charlotte’s delivery situation warped me permanently. I received a major […]

Picture 464

Keep your happiness off me.

There are things that you should know about me. I am the worlds grumpiest pregnant lady. I make no apologies for it. This is my blog. I don’t want you to tell me that pregnancy is a blessing and I should be happy. That babies are a gift from God. That its all worth it. […]


Joovy (.com) Discount Coupon Code

First, for all your upcoming holiday shopping, I wanted to make sure you had this amazing 20% coupon code for the new Cocoon Strollers at Joovy.com. Right now Joovy has some brand new products available that are out of this world and if Charlotte was younger, I would be all over it. Strollers have come […]

My Wonderful Walls = Our Wonderful Walls

This contest is CLOSED Painting a Wall Mural: My experience with Kids Murals & Nursery Art A year later, we are still living in a house with nearly white walls, and sporadic decor throughout. We have started a mission this year..its time to admit we are settled in and decorate this place. Coming up on […]

Pinked Out: Not Quite Belle of the Ball-Part Deux

Hi everyone, Kristy here from Mommy In Pink. As per request, I am back to talk about my experience at the Mayor’s Ball a couple of weeks ago. It all started in mass chaos, as I was still recovering from mastitis(breast infection) in complete hysterics trying to figure out not only what I was going to […]

Pinked Out: Sex and Romance Through Pregnancy and Beyond!

Hi everyone, Kristy here from Mommy in Pink. The topic for today’s discussion is Sex and Romance Through Pregnancy and Beyond… Whether you are a mom or not, which I suspect you are since you are reading this article on MomDot, then I’m almost positive your sex lives have changed since becoming just that…”A Mom!” […]

Pinked Out: Mommy Lessons

I’ve only been in the “mommy club” for 6 months now, but I have learned quite a few things in my short time. So I figured, why not share these insightful and sometimes humorous lessons with the world? Here is what I’ve learned thus far, and I’m sure some, if not most of you can […]

Pinked Out: I’m a Mommy, Now What?

Hello Everyone, I’m Kristy aka Mommy in Pink. I’ll be writing a series of articles every week here called Pinked Out: Adventures in Motherhood! Before we get into all of that though, let me tell you a little bit about myself… I’m a wannabe aspiring writer that loves all things associated with Fashion, Fitness, French Culture and […]