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Thank you to all the bloggers …..

that made THIS possible: These are all donated products from PR reps and companies via bloggers. All the donations will go to The Center for Courageous Kids. The camp is personally coming this Sunday to pick them up from my house. We have been collecting since Jan this year and the boxes hold over $12,000 […]

Bloggers Give: Social Media for the Greater Good

While we are all so invested deeply in reviews and giveaways chit chat, I wanted to take some time to discuss something that MomDot did that spawned into a $10,000 charitable donation project that is still going strong all due to reviews and giveaways.  With products floating around the net daily and bloggers being offered […]

Contest Mondays (Promote your Contest 75+now!)

A few things this morning before we get onto your contests. For those of you that are new, please take time to learn about the Bloggers Give program. If you are posting your contests in this linky, then its YOU we want to reach that you can give back via your giveaways and reviews. So […]

Want to hear me on the radio? Screw up I mean..

Kelly from Profitable Mommy Blogging invited me to be on her great podcast and it aired yesterday. The funniest part? Here am I la la la….and totally lost my train of thought. I haven’t actually listened to it yet, but I am sure its a riot. Nothing like forgetting your original point while talking on […]

Want to know which Blogger got this…..

donated to Bloggers Give? Head over and find out what fellow bloggers and businesses are happily donating products to Bloggers Give this year! Don’t forget, we are working for Courageous Kids and all it takes is for you to ask your giveaways and review companies for one extra item to be dropshipped to us! Sometimes […]


These, ladies and gentleman, are the very first products to arrive for Bloggers Give. I cant express how excited I was to receive them. I honestly do not know which blogger sent them yet because I have not opened them. Tonight we are doing a LIVE contest with lots of prizes and fun. I will […]

Bloggers Give Needs 1 more Partner

Starting next week, I have brought on some writers to assist with MomDot and get back to some of our Around the Blogosphere posts, get our interviews going, get Tasty Thursdays back up, and a few fun surprises! These talented ladies will be helping me out because I am going to be dedicating more of […]

Bloggers Give: My Big Announcement

I have been working on this idea and project for months. I know I have mentioned that i had something going on I could not wait to share and now the time is here! Sometimes its so much easier to explain our mission and what we are doing on video. Please take the time to […]