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How to secure a sponsorship for a convention

 With conventions around every corner, bloggers are all abuzz about sponsorships, scholarships, and partnerships with companies to help pave the costly way. I wanted to bring in a few ways to work with Public Relations and companies in order to secure sponsorships for the conferences that would benefit both parties. Do not kid yourself. Sponsorships […]


How to get into review blogging

 As is evident here on momdot, there are bloggers of all types that are wild on the net. From mom blogs to adoption blogs, to specialized fields, and contest hosters, there is a bit of everyone. But no one is more revered then the Review blogger. The blogger with free product to test, to show, […]


Mom Blogging Platforms

When you are first starting out to create a blog, its very important to decide exactly where you are going to put up shop….basically, the biggie…Wordpress or Blogger. You first need to decide what you are DOING online… Are you looking: to make friends blog about your life and kids are you a hobby or […]


Dinner on a Budget

Do you balance your budget when it comes to food? I have to be honest I am more of a “buy what I want” kinda of girl and having only one child has made that easy in the past. Now that I have two I am sure I will be more food conscious but right […]


Tips for Newbie bloggers

Its been just over 3 years since I became a blogger. And I have learned so so much. So much that I feel like I am constantly telling friends to start up a blog and join me. Recently I was encouraging one of my neighborhood friends to create a blog and she had quite a […]


5 Must Have Pieces of Fitness Equipment

5 Must Have Pieces of Fitness Equipment We all know that having a pile of unused fitness gear lying around not only is a pain because of the clutter it actually hinders our chances of getting motivated by taunting us and reminding us of our failures.   The following 5 pieces of equipment are small enough […]


Rayovac, my privilege of being a blogger

Every company on the market does promotions. Whether it be coupons, products, in store sales, or PR releases there are numerous ways to learn the ins and outs of your favorite products. As a blogger, I often get the privilege of learning some of those facts due to participation and its so exciting at times […]

nursery 098

Nursery Makeover….a soft place for the baby to sleep

You would think that doing a nursery would be fun, exciting even. But wow! It has been hard to have one theme in your head to have ten more show up. I had originally planned a beach theme, a beach theme that included soft sands, and soft walls, and white furniture, and I am still […]


MomDot in Parents Magazine!

This month (July) in Parents Magazine, you can see Charlotte and I (and two other bloggers) on page 16. We are competing in the Blueprint Baby Nursery Challenge. My first post for the nursery challenge is here, but please come back over the next few weeks to watch it all unfold! My nursery is all […]


Nursery Makeover Challenge: Homage to My Gulf Coast Roots

Chase Blueprint Baby Challenge The Baby When I first found out I was pregnant, the panic set in. I had fully intended on being a mother of 1. A mother of one had two parents against one child. It’s completely brilliant! A mother of 1 older child had her own bath time, freedom to shop […]

5 PR Requests that Drive me Insane

I have been a blogger for 3 years next month. During that time, I have seen some drastic changes in online media and social networking, some good, some not so good, but recently the trends that have been hitting my mail box have become beyond obnoxious. I thought I would share…the Top 5 PR Request […]

The Top 25 Most Annoying Bloggers

Top 25 Most Annoying Bloggers Now you didn’t come here thinking I was really going to list 25 annoying bloggers by name, right? Cause I would never do that. (Well, probably not.) Honestly, this started out as an article for the top 10 most annoying blogger types, but after asking around I found out that […]

Top 10 Things I Learned at a Mom Blog Convention

this article has moved to Top 10 things I learned at a mom blog convention  


Toy Story 3 Coupon $5 rebate

OOH, check it! A Toy Story 3 coupon that gives you a$5 rebate back from Rayovac! I am not sure if you saw Toy Story 3, and truth be told I was hesitant to see it in the theater since it costs 90 billion dollars to go, but I found myself sniffing and wiping away […]

Do you have a brag? Brag away!

Alright, have at it…lets hear every bragging moment from the small to the tall that you have to brag about recently. Get a great review? Have record numbers on your blog? Get a promotion at work? Kids learning to walk? Its ALL important here! It can be about your blog, your family, your kids and […]

New Orleans Scavenger Hunt

In just 2 short days, Ill be hitting up New Years Eve in New Orleans with 3 other bloggers, where we will try to keep our composure for the weekend.

If you dont know Holly, you should

Chances are you have never met Holly. The world wide web is a big place and truth be told, Holly can be a quiet wind in the hurricane of the blogosphere. And since you have never met her, you may never have read her view on the death penalty, her fight for Justice on a […]

FTC and Bloggers: What does it mean for you?

[private] The FTC has been a hot topic amongst bloggers for…well…at least 6 months or more.  We called for regulation, we loudly ousted each other for false practices, we made big mainstream media news, we touted ethics, integrity, and  pointed lots of fingers. And the government answered. Bloggers, and specifically review bloggers, are such a […]

Top 20 reasons you Need “Bloggers Anonymous” Award

You may need Bloggers Anonymous if you 1)You start referring to your blogging buddies in conversations with your RL friends and assume they know who you are talking about “Oh, let me tell you what Tena said today” “Kim did the funniest thing” 2)You tweet, kirtsy, stumble upon, digg, plurk, myspace, ning, and facebook all […]

What dictates mom blogger influence online?

[private] Opinions on who is and what makes a blogger influential rarely lacks for interesting conversation amongst mom bloggers. Whether we admit it or not, we are all vying for a spot that mentions our name and validates the real work we put into our pages daily. In fact, new lists, contests, awards, and press […]

Blogger Trips! PR: Invite these mom bloggers

Seems like lately every time I turn around a new Blogger Retreat trip is hitting my email and there is no way I can take them all…after all, whats a mom blogger without being a mom, right? But I am excited that companies are taking notice and putting together some fabulous information sessions for online […]

Dear PR Reps:

As blogs turn into mainstream media and PR reps are bombarding email boxes like its Hiroshima all over again, there are quite a few lessons to be learned in how these relationships can help, and hurt, the products that are trying to promote. Today alone I have received nearly 10 pitches ranging from specialty invites, […]

I hereby dub you cool blog of the day

Came across this blog. I think she is funny. The name alone made me snicker. Go check her out and leave her a comment. Her blog looks lonely with no comments. Somehow, its just wrong. We have to save her from “no comment love” hell. That should be another pet peeve. Hey, and just think, […]

Check out this new blog and contest!

Thank you to the Bony Pony Ranch who recently committed to donate some kids gear to Bloggers Give. They started a BLOG and as bloggers ourselves we want to pass on the linky love  and share how you can win some of their products. They are playing Pin the Tail on the donkey with their […]

You may have noticed something different around here

[private]Or maybe not. We haven’t had any blogger interviews lately! The reason is simple. We have spent months coming up with 5 base questions and 5 questions that are specific to the blogger we interview, that takes lots of time and research on the interviewers part. But we have found that even though we only […]


I heard that bloggers were sent to Spy on Me

First of all, cool. Just when I thought my internet stock was going down I get a bunch of emails telling me they were asked to be internet spies on me. Sweeeeeeeeet. Second, uh….*looking around* we are a public site. What spying is there to do? You mean by applying to our forum under a […]


Who are your favorite charities?

I have a big project I am going to be moving into with the blog (details coming soon) and I really need to know your favorite charities. They do not have to be national, they can be local, they can have a specific purpose like Heifer International or something broad range like Salvation Army. I […]