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Blog Ambassadorships, Thankyou to the Brands!

Now that it is a new year, I wanted to take time to thank all the brands for the amazing past few years on MomDot. This is a small sample and does not encompass all the amazing brands and online work I have been privileged to be a part of by any means. I just […]


How to get into review blogging

 As is evident here on momdot, there are bloggers of all types that are wild on the net. From mom blogs to adoption blogs, to specialized fields, and contest hosters, there is a bit of everyone. But no one is more revered then the Review blogger. The blogger with free product to test, to show, […]


Tips for Newbie bloggers

Its been just over 3 years since I became a blogger. And I have learned so so much. So much that I feel like I am constantly telling friends to start up a blog and join me. Recently I was encouraging one of my neighborhood friends to create a blog and she had quite a […]

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Stupid Questions? No. Stupid Answers? Yes.

Although I have been publicly blogging for nearly three years, I am often considered a novice in many blogging circles.  There are women out there that have had their sites up for 10 years or more and have seen the blogosphere fade and grow like the stock market. That being said, the past three years […]

Blogosphere Post of the Day

Goes to this blogger…hit box it to read the whole post…leave her a comment on behalf of women everywhere. ~Trisha


Freedom of Speech?

  So I am on twitter and Meaghan tweets out about an incident last night on twitter. She said that someone was on twitter and tweeted that: The woman who had the cops (& possibly CPS) called on her for tweeting (in jest) that she wanted to smother her daughter 33 minutes ago from web […]