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I bought a girly camera bag…

I am not even slightly a professional photographer, but I have 5 lenses, a Canon T3i, and 2 memory cards…and I am not afraid to use them. I am a full fledged Mamarazzi. My poor kids are so trained with a camera that at this point Charlotte has a “go to” pose when I ask […]


Barbie Mirror Digital Camera

Barbie Mirror Digital Camera Because Barbie is such a big staple in this house (as I am sure many houses) I really love sharing when there are Barbie deals and new products coming out that you might be interested in. Just a few weeks ago, Barbie a Fairy Secret came out and I must have […]


Ooh, you sexy little write off, you!

I don’t do Smart Phones. I don’t do iPads. But I certainly do Canons….


Im breaking down. I want this.

I want this oh-so-badly. Ever since I saw the commercial…. a Canon T3. Be. Still. My. Heart. I IMed it to my DH today and said it would make the bestest Valentines present ever and I think i could feel him virtually roll his eyes at me. He said “its a birthday present, not a […]


Enhanching your camera for the blogger

As a blogger, and as a mom, my camera is one thing that rarely leaves my side. In fact, it never leaves my side short of a trip to the store and sometimes even then I second guess throwing it around my neck. Recently I had a chance to work with two different companies, both […]


Very Non-Blogger of me…(updated)

I want to buy a camera. *gasp* Buy…not review. A simple hand held, put in my back pocket, non lense changing 10megish camera, that can also record video. And i need it quick. Any recommendations? Im heading out tonight to look. ~Trisha —————————————– I went out yesterday and bought a Kodak M380. I decided on […]


[private]Lookie what I boughtie: My heart is going pitter patter imagining the arrival of this 12.2 mega-pixel splendor. This must be how Charlotte felt at Disney World. ~trisha this is filler text for the front page to keep the picture from falling. Just ignore this…filler…filler…boring, blah. [/private]

Casio Exilim Camera Giveaway 6/26 CLOSED

I cant say “Exilim“, but I sure wanted you to get a chance to check out this adorable camera! I was lucky enough to receive this sleek and modern 12.1 meg digital camera, that may be small enough to put in your pocket, but has so far proven to pack a major punch in photo […]