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Dinner on a Budget

Do you balance your budget when it comes to food? I have to be honest I am more of a “buy what I want” kinda of girl and having only one child has made that easy in the past. Now that I have two I am sure I will be more food conscious but right […]


Win $250 Gift Card by Guessing my Jelly Beans! CLOSED (winner emailed)

Yum. Food. There is nothing more important in a house then the food that it has. Of course the food is only as good as what its in and keeping it fresh is definitely something important to a family and a mom. In my house just keeping it STOCKED can be a challenge and having […]


Random Quotes

Last week Alison ran an inspirational quotes post for me and it was so awesome, that I decided to do a few quotes myself. I was gonna focus just on strength and love, but I decided to branch out to a few that I liked regardless of topic. If any of these speak to you, […]


Rayovac, my privilege of being a blogger

Every company on the market does promotions. Whether it be coupons, products, in store sales, or PR releases there are numerous ways to learn the ins and outs of your favorite products. As a blogger, I often get the privilege of learning some of those facts due to participation and its so exciting at times […]

5 PR Requests that Drive me Insane

I have been a blogger for 3 years next month. During that time, I have seen some drastic changes in online media and social networking, some good, some not so good, but recently the trends that have been hitting my mail box have become beyond obnoxious. I thought I would share…the Top 5 PR Request […]


Ragu Coupons

Just a quick reminder to everyone that if you haven’t checked out all the amazing and funny videos for “Moms the Word on Dinner”, you can see those right on the Ragu Facebook page. Also, Ragu just announced there would be Coupons in select local papers on May 22nd, so be looking out for those~! […]


More Mothers Day Giveaways

Members of Gerber Childrenswear Real Mom Community to Enjoy Free Giveaways With Over $4,500 in Prizes from Merry Maids, Apple and Babies ‘R’ Us to Celebrate Mother’s Day. GREENVILLE, S.C. (April 26, 2011) – Gerber Childrenswear’s campaign, “Many Faces of Mom” is in full swing for the members of its Real Mom Community on Facebook.  […]


Inspirational Facebook stories

Millions upon millions of people use Facebook every day.. me included. I used to not touch social networking sites, which is a very ironic thing to say as a blogger. I just find that spending time on Twitter, Facebook and various sites that are just random interactions suck my time and leave me thoughtless. That […]


This mothers day…give the gift she WANTS

Being a mom has become the most special thing in my life. I honestly always knew I wanted a child (read, child, not children as I will shortly be blessed with) but I never realized how incredibly fulfilling it would ultimately be. I realize we have had moments like ….oh…..this: And This….. And, oh yes, […]


I am halfway there.

20 weeks. Well, that went quick..mostly cause I didn’t realize I was pregnant till way, way into this whole deal. Funny how that happens. I had some comments yesterday when I did a Facebook video on my wall that people couldn’t tell I was pregnant. I can assure you the baby is in existence and […]


Mrs Butterworth Commercial and New Bottles

As many of you know, I had the pleasure of announcing Mrs. Butterworths new spring line of bottles for the Mrs. Butterworth commercials that are appearing in select markets right now on TV. They must have heard that I have a waffle addiction since I got PG! I had such a great time with the […]

Rayovac Twitter Party

Rayovac Twitter Event Tonight!

This weekend I made it over to Home Depot and picked up some bulbs for the garden. About 80 to be honest. While spring has most definitely hit my area, it seems like its in like a Lion with the rain. And unfortunately every time it rains, it brings in some unwelcome colder weather! We […]


Free Redbox Code for Megamind

This free redbox code just came through from the good people over at Redbox (where our family rents movies!). Click for Redbox’s Facebook Page with Code   Redbox Says The much anticipated animated film, Megamind is coming to your neighborhood redbox movie rental kiosk this Friday, just in time for the weekend! Invite your kids’ […]


Nakey Night.

I know I am a tad late on getting this up, but I have an excuse. Charlotte has a fever and I ran an hour class last night that turned into 2.5 hours. That being said, I apprieciate you reading through our DAY #4 of the KY challenge. Nakey Night Va-voom. Day 4 was hilarious […]


American Greetings; Last chance to Win!

I know with Christmas being such a whirlwind and New Years right around the corner, its easy to let things go and put off what you meant to do! That’s why I wanted to pop on and remind you that you have one more chance to enter the Remember That Time Facebook contest and win […]


Last Chance! Facebook app Fun!

If you celebrate Christmas, Happy Christmas Eve and if you dont, happy Holidays! I wanted to remind everyone that its your last chance to participate in the Blue Mountain facebook application. Why you are strumming your fingers on the desk wondering when Santa is going to arrive (check out my NORAD tracker post!), you still […]

What is your facebook page?

Do you have a facebook personal or fan page? I would love to link up! Here are mine: http://www.facebook.com/momblogs (personal) http://www.facebook.com/mommybloggers (fan page for mom bloggers) Leave yours below so we can all link up! ~Trisha


Facebook Changes its Mind

Well, looks like MomDot does have some influence. A day after we posted our Facebook post, they change their TOS back to what it was. (BTW, totally joking on the influence part, but it does look like Facebook is doing some scrambling on policy change again) Everyone got in a tizzy and it worked. Now […]