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Rally for Real Pizza!

I can tell you two things about my eating habits: First, I eat balanced meals…some healthy, some not so healthy, but I would say balanced. Recently my friend Lynsey said to me “I don’t think I have ever seen you eat junk food..do you eat junk food?” I guess not. But I also don’t consider […]

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What to do with a million Lego pieces

This past week Charlotte and I ran down to Central Florida. I say “Ran down”, but it was 9 hours of straight driving eating Pringles and popping Starbucks. At any rate, one of the days we got to visit Florida’s newest theme park attraction Legoland and one of the coolest things you get to see […]


Amazing business cards that will get you noticed

For as long as I can remember I have had this business card picture on my computer. I have an idea to make a cut out of myself and give out extra cards with different paperdoll outfits at each conference I attend. Like…collectibles. Unfortunately it has absolutely nothing to do with my site, so its […]


7 Unique Treehouses

Love these amazing and unique treehouses? Want to check out Funny Signs?


Planning for baby..do you have life insurance?

Planning for baby..do you have life insurance? It always amazes me when I talk to people with children that: A) Don’t have a life insurance policy set up for the incomprehensible, even if its just basic expenses, to help plan for your childs future if they were to be left without a parent. I think […]

Battery Education (2)

Did you know?

Its really easy to just grab a battery and throw it into your electronics without any care of what that battery does or why it goes in there. But if you think about it, I mean really think about it, you realize that batteries are constructed with specific life for specific electronics and choosing the […]


Quotes from harry potter

Some Harry Potter Quotes to live by: Who said you couldn’t learn something from a movie?   ~Trisha ————- Like Quotes?  Word Picture Quotes Inspirational Quotes


Halloween Costumes Discount Code

This is Halloween at my house last year, where my little no-toothed diva dressed up as a witch: (don’t be fooled by this smile….this witch doesn’t know how to clean her room) Last year we went through like 500 costume ideas for my then 5 year old before she stuck on this one. She absolutely […]

Towel Swan 6

Towel Swan Tutorial: Easy!

How to make a Towel Swan (Tutorial) The towel swan is one of the easiest towel animals to create. I like to make two and place them nose to nose on our guest bed whenever a couple comes to visit. You will need: 1 bath towel or sheet Sunglasses (optional) Step 1: Lay out the […]

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Mom Quotes that are Inspiring

Becoming a mom is one of the most wonderful and life-changing moments in a woman’s life. You are given a small creature that will forevermore belong to you, be influenced by you, and fill a spot in your heart that could never be replaced by anything else. I love to share inspirational quotes on my […]

Baby Quote 1

Baby Picture Quotes

With Trisha’s baby about to be born any moment, she put out a call for some guest posts. I (Alison from BeingAlison) stepped up to the plate to help out an amazing woman and mentor to me! I love doing Picture Quotes on my own blog, and my readers seem to enjoy them as well. […]


Win a Coveted Celebrity Necklace with MomDot & Maya Brenner (closed)

As a mom, its easy for us to think we don’t need fancy things like our hair done, makeup, and jewelry. But the simple fact is, those things make us feel sexy, like a woman, and in a lot of ways, special. So guys, listen up! These could make great anniversary gifts. Personally I own 3 […]


Major movie money

Major movie money No. 1 – Harry Potter movies The Harry Potter movies have grossed more than 6 BILLION dollars world wide, with the newest, and last movie of the franchise, opening this upcoming Friday. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 How much did each of movie make? “Harry Potter and the […]

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Nursery Makeover….a soft place for the baby to sleep

You would think that doing a nursery would be fun, exciting even. But wow! It has been hard to have one theme in your head to have ten more show up. I had originally planned a beach theme, a beach theme that included soft sands, and soft walls, and white furniture, and I am still […]

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Gummy Prenatals

I went on Prenatal pill strike early on in my pregnancy. Same when I was pregnant with Charlotte. I could not STAND those freaking horse pills. But I have been taking these Gummy Vitafusion Prenatals (you can snag at Target) for a few weeks and they are the EASIEST prenatals ever. It also makes me […]


Biggest Philosophical Question of all time…

I am going to present you with the biggest philosophical question of all time…..you know, the one you never talk about. Does “size” really matter? You are probably wondering why I would ever pose a question like this. It’s not like I’m having sex anyway. Being 30-something weeks pregnant isn’t conducive to ‘romantic moments’. Which […]


Bayá Diaper Bags and Day I don’t know what.

I guess its time to start getting back to baby, huh? I need to do the countdown later, but I’m pretty sure its like day 72 or something scary like that. Its time to pick a diaper bag. Honestly, I dont even carry a purse, so carting a diaper bag makes me ultra frustrated. That […]

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10 things I hate about pregnancy

10 things I hate about pregnancy …cause I am feeling like a complainer today. 1) I hate when you are like 12 weeks PG and people you don’t know can’t TELL you’re PG, but you feel the need to announce it to everyone you meet….cause you don’t want people to think your just putting on […]


Amazing Sidewalk Art

Have you ever seen Amazing Sidewalk Art? Its so lifelike and looks like its in 3d! I have been in New Orleans and seen some pretty awesome works of art, all done from chalk. Julian Beever puts my 6 year old to shame…hahahahha. But really, the talent out there is spectacular. Here are some amazing […]

5 PR Requests that Drive me Insane

I have been a blogger for 3 years next month. During that time, I have seen some drastic changes in online media and social networking, some good, some not so good, but recently the trends that have been hitting my mail box have become beyond obnoxious. I thought I would share…the Top 5 PR Request […]


Holy Cuteness!

I know I am not a bride, and I have never been a bridesmaid (I guess I have never had any friends I was that close too…its kinda bumming me out now that I think about it) and I got this in a newsletter today and I ADORED these new vintage apron designs and just […]


May is Better Hearing and Speech Month

Back in college we had a choice on which foreign language we could take, but it had to be 8 credits worth. That meant either 3 classes of regular language (like Spanish, French, etc) or just two of Sign Language. I opted for sign language. It ended up being a really cool language to learn […]

Justin Bieber Poster

Win Justin Biebers Autograph Here!

I admit it. I’m a fan. I wouldn’t say Justin Bieber is my new Backstreet Boy, but he is most definitely my daughters. Charlottes best Bieber Impression: And she probably wouldn’t want me to disclose this, but she TOTALLY kissed this poster. That’s a whole other parenting topic I dont want to get into right […]


More Mothers Day Giveaways

Members of Gerber Childrenswear Real Mom Community to Enjoy Free Giveaways With Over $4,500 in Prizes from Merry Maids, Apple and Babies ‘R’ Us to Celebrate Mother’s Day. GREENVILLE, S.C. (April 26, 2011) – Gerber Childrenswear’s campaign, “Many Faces of Mom” is in full swing for the members of its Real Mom Community on Facebook.  […]


Inspirational Facebook stories

Millions upon millions of people use Facebook every day.. me included. I used to not touch social networking sites, which is a very ironic thing to say as a blogger. I just find that spending time on Twitter, Facebook and various sites that are just random interactions suck my time and leave me thoughtless. That […]


This can’t be good news…

We went out for the day and came back to this on a tree in our cul de sac… (I could not get any closer because they were not happy with my presence) Those are BEES. They are everywhere. Its like they just called the long distance movers and appeared this afternoon and its insanity.  […]


I am halfway there.

20 weeks. Well, that went quick..mostly cause I didn’t realize I was pregnant till way, way into this whole deal. Funny how that happens. I had some comments yesterday when I did a Facebook video on my wall that people couldn’t tell I was pregnant. I can assure you the baby is in existence and […]


The Age of Masturbation. Say it isnt so.

Last month when I was at the Dr office I was reading one of those randomly overused magazines and came across an article about “masturbation and kids”. The minute…or rather the SECOND I got in the door home from that visit,  I IMed my friend Kim and asked her….is this for real?? I realize that […]


Botox for Little Girls…what?

My husband, an avid reader of The Huffington Post, sent me over an article this morning about a mom giving her 8 year old botox injections to ready her for being “a star”. If that wasnt bad enough, this little girl is also subjected to wax treatments of her legs and pubic area so she […]


Toddler found drunk

Toddler found drunk? Say WHAT? A mother from Houston was recently thrown in jail when her ONE YEAR OLD was found drunk on Four Loko. Four Loko is an alcoholic energy drink. According to the police, Lashwanda Allen said she was drunk and went to sleep and when she woke up, her 1 year child […]