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DIY Chalkboard (Framed!)

Looking for a quick inexpensive craft to spruce up the home or to give as gifts? Why not make a DIY Chalkboard! With an abundance of frames available to customize your “look” and an easy foam board from any dollar store, you can put a chalkboard into every room in your home! We call this […]


A Little Dadgineering goes a long way

This weekend, to celebrate the weather being somewhere in the 70’s, we spent the majority of it outdoors. Chris put together one of  Phoenyx’s long awaited Christmas presents that finally arrived, Charlotte and P did as much as possible to be involved to the max in that process, and I supplied logic, cheerleading, and water […]


How to refinish your Garage Floor

We don’t use our garage for our cars. Its household storage and where we keep the litter boxes for the cats. We have a cat door that goes from the inside the house to the garage and it allows us to keep that smell out of the public view. As a result, the garage is […]


Incredible Bows for your Beauty

This morning I wanted to share a website called A Little Pink Ladybug. Not only can you purchase some amazing hair bows which I would deem more art than anything else, you can purchase tutorials on how to create many beautiful items for yourself. Learning to make hair bows can be a way to get […]


How to Make a Crayon Roll

Have you ever wondered how to make a crayon roll? I have a crafty family. We have crayons, paints, coloring books, glue sticks…basically anything that has to do with crafts laying around this house in piles. The sad part is every time I go to the store, I have to contemplate whether or not I […]

How To Boil an Egg

How to Boil an Egg (instructions). With Easter almost here, I thought I would share some ways to best boil the perfect egg. If your like us, you make about 25 eggs so you can decorate them. Then you end up eating egg sandwiches, eggs in salad, eggs goldenrod, boiled eggs, and pretty much anything […]