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Maytag Mom: My final thoughts

Last year when I was invited on the Maytag Moms campaign I was really excited.  Getting a kitchen upgrade is a dream for most people and as we already had (and liked) Maytag appliances, I knew it would be interesting to check out all the advancement in technology and the different ways these newer appliances […]


Zoes Kitchen; Healthy takeout

I am not someone that overly worries when I am out to eat about eating healthy. Honestly, if I get that worried I should probably be at home cooking, but sometimes I do like to have my fast meal fresh as well. In my city I feel like I have eaten almost everywhere, but a […]


Holy Cuteness!

I know I am not a bride, and I have never been a bridesmaid (I guess I have never had any friends I was that close too…its kinda bumming me out now that I think about it) and I got this in a newsletter today and I ADORED these new vintage apron designs and just […]


Proof we are nothing.

As parents I mean. I hear some shuffling around in the kitchen. I yell…what are you doing in there? I expect that she is getting a glass for drinking cause I know damn well she isn’t putting away my clean dishes. “I’m just doing something!” yells back. Oooooookkkkkkk. She is generally pretty good so I […]