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Kids in Showbiz..would you do it?

Recently I met up with Jessica Gottlieb and Jen and to discuss how we all feel about putting kids into showbiz. As you can recall, Charlotte did a big modeling contest that flew us out to LA for a professional photoshoot. This is where we learned she is not exactly cut out for the wild […]

Whitney Thompson ANTM

‘Next Top Model': Where are they now?

WOOHOO!! Favorite Show Alert! Favorite Show Alert!! One of my very favorite reality show indulgences is Americas Next Top Model. We even played a ANTM game here on the blog 2 years in a row and it was a blast (dont ask, had to be there). I am beside myself waiting with my DVR in […]

Where am i? In hell, thankyou

29 days ago I entered this modeling contest for charlotte because it had a 100K educational trust fund attached to it. The premise was the top 50 kids would gain a chance to compete in LA to win. The Top 50 to be decided by voting and then they would be judged by a real […]