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New Year…NEW YOU!

Every year you get a chance to reinvent yourself. Well, at least we all feel more motivated to reinvent ourselves each year. The truth is the chances are every day and we so rarely take them. As a mom I am constantly putting my kids needs in front of my own and while I am […]

Blog Ambassadorships, Thankyou to the Brands!

Now that it is a new year, I wanted to take time to thank all the brands for the amazing past few years on MomDot. This is a small sample and does not encompass all the amazing brands and online work I have been privileged to be a part of by any means. I just […]

Mom Blog Meet and Greet: Mrs. Zeee

I got a good response to the end of the Fab Fifteen and the beginning of the Momdot Meetup…hold on, was a good response to the end of something a good thing? Whatever, I don’t know, and frankly I am too tired to try and pull it up and discuss  philosophy for bloggers.  I had […]

Litsy Designs: Colorful Wall Art (CLOSED)

It is my pleasure to introduce to you Litsy Designs! Patsy Smith and Lisa Wojnovich, both stay at home moms each with two young children, teamed up in January 2005 with the idea of creating something to sell at a local arts festival. They were also motivated to create decor for their own children’s rooms. […]

Blog News and Announcements Today

First, I could not resist sharing this with you all. Maybe this is a motivational poster for my office. Then again, what would this company say about motivational posters. Second, we usually have our Friday Night Live on…well, Fridays. Tomorrow is Charlotte’s BIRTHDAY! The big whopping 4.0. Which means Ill be delivering her up to […]


Feature Blog: The Story of a Princess and Her Hair

Because I am the Mom of two girls, I was so excited to interview our next November Feature Blogger!  I am in complete awe of her hairstyling creativity and talent!  Welcome, Kori to MomDot! 1. Congrats on being a MomDot Feature Blogger!  Why don’t you start by introducing yourself to our readers! Hi, my name […]