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Television Star SALARIES; How much do they make?

Television star salaries were recently listed by TV Guide letting us know what those Hollywood earnings really are. So how much do stars make for their TV shows? More than someone like you and I do on a 9-5, that is for sure. But are they bigger than big blockbuster movie actor salaries? Take a […]

Whitney Thompson ANTM

‘Next Top Model': Where are they now?

WOOHOO!! Favorite Show Alert! Favorite Show Alert!! One of my very favorite reality show indulgences is Americas Next Top Model. We even played a ANTM game here on the blog 2 years in a row and it was a blast (dont ask, had to be there). I am beside myself waiting with my DVR in […]


Movies to see this Year

There are tons of Movies to see this year and with 2011 barely heating up, we already see some fabulous contenders for “must sees” in the box office.Last year some of my favorite movies were The Social Network (which I actually just saw but came out last year), Inception (Leo!), and Tangled. Here are a […]


New Zodiac signs?

What? what? New Zodiac signs? I have spent my entire life a “Gemini” and now they tell me I’m a Taurus. Not just that, but there is a new red-headed step child of the zodiac family that is being introduced- Ophiuchus. Huh? Identity crisis’ abound everywhere (especially on twitter) as all of us schizophrenic personalities […]


Crazy arrests & prison sentences; Unusual Arrests

I actually went to college for Criminology and while I don’t use my degree, I am still very interested in the law. It kinda cracks me up for what people get arrested for now a days. Cops and Judges Gone Wild with weird arrests are not so unusual. Here are a few Crazy Weird Arrests […]


Best Western films: List of the Best

I personally never watch Western Films, but they are commonly referred to as some of the best films out there. No other genre is more “American” or more related to than the roots of a cowboy, a gun, and a one horsed town. Classically, cowboys and Indians are often played forward by little kids and […]


Athlete Mug Shots Pictures 2010

We cant leave the athletes out! They get arrested as much as the actors. Say Hello to Paris and Lyns for us! Athlete mug shots Pictures 2010 Gilbert Arenas When: Dec. 21, 2009 (news broke in 2010 and Arenas was suspended in 2010) Where: Verizon Center, Washington D.C. Why: Pulled a pistol on a teammate […]


Man too tall to fly stood for 2.5 hours of flight time.

Brooks Anderson, a 6’7″ tall man, was forced to stand for 2.5 hours of plane time when he arrived for his flight heading to Florida for a Christmas vacation. “I was in an aisle seat and I clearly didn’t fit into the seat at all,” he said. “I couldn’t even stuff myself in there.” he […]


Practical Christmas Gifts..who wants those?

Practical Christmas Gifts are all the rage nearly every year, and I suppose if no one is going to buy me an Audi A8, a pack of razors or a box of laundry detergent would probably do just fine. Then again, Im still a believer in the gift card or busting out a 6 pack […]


Unique Holiday Traditions

Our family doesn’t have a ton of unique holiday traditions, but there are tons of people out there that celebrate with a laugh or a warm hearted tradition. I am so excited Christmas is tomorrow I cant stand it! I have to do one last trip to Toys R US (I know, I’m a glutton […]