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5 Life Lessons I learned at the Justin Bieber Concert

This week Charlotte and I went on our long awaited adventure to the Justin Bieber concert in Birmingham, Alabama. (A montage of our experience) Well…long awaited for me since I bought the tickets 6 months ago, but for her it was just a day. Now I come from the boy band era. I grew up […]


Celebrity Tattoos

Awhile back Kim showed you some famous tattoos and the meaning behind some of them. There are, however, many celebrities with tattoos…actually many people!  I personally dont like them. I almost had a fateful tattoo moment in spring break back in like 1998. If I had gone through with it, I would be a 33 […]


Fab Fifteen-Stuff You Need to Hear

Alright so the Fab Fifteen is a little bit different this week…blame it on Trisha and the fact that I felt the need to shake it up a bit since y’all were getting used to 15 sites and since everyone seems to need a pick me up.  So why am I blaming this on Trisha?  […]