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pink truck

Only in Alabama #19

Girls in Alabama know how to roll…..in hot pink. And camo. See and here I was thinking camo only looked good on men. You think this was a specialty paint job? #1 OIA #2 OIA #3 OIA #4 OIA Undercover Reporting #5 OIA #6 OIA OIA Halloween edition #8 OIA #9 OIA #10 OIA #11 […]

Only In Alabama, Interesting Rebel Flag

I know this week I have totally fallen off the fashion band wagon but that’s because I left my house and saw all these interesting local sites. And now I’m feeling worldly and must share. There was something ultra special about the rebel flag with the pit bull drooling and a “Dixie” tag hanging around […]

Only in Alabama…

Well, probably not only in Alabama, but yesterday we were on our way home and got stopped at the light for a funeral procession. I wish I had been quick enough getting the camera out, but the cars in the procession were like: BMW Audi BMW Mercedes Mercedes Lexus then this car… We were cracking […]

Halloween 2008 vs Halloween 2009

I would say this is an upgrade… Halloween 2008 Halloween 2009 ~Trisha


Only In Alabama…..Mardi Gras

This should actually be “Only in Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana”, BUT we have one thing you all don’t have. Mardi Gras at Home Depot. You can shop for a hammer and flash for beads at at the same time. Awesomely Alabama. #1 OIA #2 OIA #3 Miniature Horses #4 OIA Undercover Reporting #5 OIA #6 […]

Create a tape interstate with painters tape for hours of fun

Only In Alabama….the interstate.

I know you live for these! Today my DHs co-worker saw this little Doozey heading up I-65 here and thankfully snapped me a picture to share. There are so many things wrong with this, I wasn’t even sure *what* to point out. But I’m going with the grille. Total W.T.F moment. ~Trisha #1 OIA #2 […]


Only In Alabama: The Grammar Police

Now I have had this blog since the end of July….so not even 7 months yet. I get a lot of email regarding a lot of subjects, but the past week I have gotten FOUR, yes FOUR emails explaining to me that my grammar is incorrect on the words: Your vs You’re and Than vs. […]