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Dooce on Oprah…how do you feel?

Lets just put it out there. Dooce is one of the webs most famous mom bloggers with an estimated $40K a month coming from ads on her website. We have blogged about her a few times in jest and a few times in irritation, but love her or hate her, it’s her personal empire of […]

secret 007

I want to share a secret.

I am a recovering Oprah Stalker. Not as in I drive to her house and go all “I love you Paula Abdul” on her, but more like “Can you pleasehavemeon-theshowillmakeup-somethingandbeyourbff-foreverandpullyour-tissuesout-ofthetrashandputthe-minmypocket-forgoodluck” kinda stalker. I have, no lie, written Oprah probably 47 times in the past 5 years.  She probably has a “Trisha” file. She has an […]