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The Simpsons Experience at Universal Orlando

The Simpsons Experience at Universal Orlando I can remember watching the Simpsons every Sunday night with my parents. I even had a pair of jeans with Bart’s face on one leg (don’t judge me…it was Jr. High). So when I found out my trip to Universal for the grand opening of Transformers The Ride 3D […]


While staying At Orlando Hotels, Enjoy Orlando’s Shopping and Nightlife

While staying At Orlando Hotels, Enjoy Orlando’s Shopping and Nightlife Orlando hotels provide you with all possible comforts and facilities to make your stay more enjoyable but no visit to Orlando is complete unless you’ve seen its shopping facilities and nightlife. Orlando hotels are always ready to welcome you and make you feel totally at […]


New Rides Coming to Universal!

Seeing as Charlotte and I just went to Universal a few months ago over thanksgiving and it was an AMAZING time, I wanted to let you in on the new changes. BIG CHANGES! New rides, new updates, and new shows! 2012 IS THE YEAR TO BE HERE! Universal Orlando Resort to Offer More New Entertainment […]


Charlotte and I vacation like Pro’s

If you are reading this from a hotel room, the chances are you are an amateur vacationer. I want to teach you how to vacation like a pro here in the Kissimmee area and it starts with this: Stop Sharing a room with your children. I don’t know about you, but crowding your kids inside […]


Running Brandcation

I wanted to share some of the chaos of what it looked liked before everyone got there…running a meetup out of the town you live in is relatively complicated requiring lots of people who love you enough to host the boxes, drop them off, help you unload them. I think that we were totally unprepared […]

Win 7 -day stay in an Orlando $1500 TONIGHT

Tonight (Wednesday February 3, 2010) at 8:30 pm CST, I am helping to host a Twitter party (along with Kim) for Global Resort Homes. And there are great prizes! Here are the details: Twitter handles to make sure you follow: Me: @whatsthatsmell Trisha: @momdot Global Resort Homes MAIN: @grhbill Global Resort Homes: @tasalinas Hashtag: #grh […]