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gwennie 009

Gwennie is now 6 months old

If you follow my blog (and I hope you do, even if I don’t blog everyday) you know that I have had a lot of cats. I am a chronic cat adopter, but no worries, I keep all my kitties till they pass. Last year we had a horrible year when Sebastian was diagnosed with […]


Gwen keeps picking a fight

With the biggest cat in the house. He is as big as he looks, atleast 20 pounds. You can see how concerned he is that he is going to lose.


New Kitty’s New Name

We went through a collage of names trying to find something. Our original pool was: Calypso Seraphina Dot I also loved all the suggested names that y’all left in the comments, especially Raja.  Additionally I considered Athena, Artemis, Erowyn, Xena, and Bleu..anyway, poor kitten was going to end up being called “kitten” if I dwelled […]


Heart Healing

Last night my husband took me around to every SPCA, cat shelter, cat find-a-new-home-cause-someone-sucks-and-didnt-get-their-cat-spayed place. In the beginning, we found plenty of cats that were wonderful and sweet, but I found none that said “that’s our new family” member. I just know when its the right fit. Then the last place we visited, literally 5 […]