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Big Brother News!

Chima goes NUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you loving it? Does reality TV get ANY better than this? Me thinks Chima has some unresolved issues still. And is it me or is Jordan getting smarter? Or maybe they are letting us see more of her “smart” side because she hasn’t been as clueless lately as the first half […]

Reality TV RunDown

Who watches VH1 Reality tv? Looking around….Oh, only me? Its my guilty pleasure, what can I say. Meghan Wants a Millionaire: Remember Meghan? How could you forget! She has been on Beauty and the Geek, Rock of Love, Charm School, and now with her own show, she showcases how shallow she  really is by letting […]

So you think you can Dance Finale

[private] Who do you want to win? I am a fan of everyone left so it makes it very hard. I think if Janine hadn’t went home, it would have made the finale really difficult to choose. I think the winner should (and will) be: What do you think? ~Trisha [/private]

More to Love

[private] Have you seen the reality TV show “More To Love” yet? Even if you dont watch reality or dating TV, you probably have heard about this show. Its based on the fact that the “average size reality TV show contestent is a size 2, but the average size american woman is a size 12“. […]

America's Next Top Model - Cycle 12

America’s Next Top Model

I watch this show every season. It would probably be better terminology if I disclosed that I drool and become obsessed over it every season. Now I am a reality TV buff as it is, but watching these girls break down over what they look like and what color they are getting their hair done […]