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How to get into review blogging

 As is evident here on momdot, there are bloggers of all types that are wild on the net. From mom blogs to adoption blogs, to specialized fields, and contest hosters, there is a bit of everyone. But no one is more revered then the Review blogger. The blogger with free product to test, to show, […]

5 PR Requests that Drive me Insane

I have been a blogger for 3 years next month. During that time, I have seen some drastic changes in online media and social networking, some good, some not so good, but recently the trends that have been hitting my mail box have become beyond obnoxious. I thought I would share…the Top 5 PR Request […]


More Mothers Day Giveaways

Members of Gerber Childrenswear Real Mom Community to Enjoy Free Giveaways With Over $4,500 in Prizes from Merry Maids, Apple and Babies ‘R’ Us to Celebrate Mother’s Day. GREENVILLE, S.C. (April 26, 2011) – Gerber Childrenswear’s campaign, “Many Faces of Mom” is in full swing for the members of its Real Mom Community on Facebook.  […]


Inspirational Facebook stories

Millions upon millions of people use Facebook every day.. me included. I used to not touch social networking sites, which is a very ironic thing to say as a blogger. I just find that spending time on Twitter, Facebook and various sites that are just random interactions suck my time and leave me thoughtless. That […]