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Little P makes Carter’s Look Good! (and Giveaway!)

Spring is my favorite time of year! It is not too hot and not too cold. Of course you may be asking yourself “What spring?” if you are in the middle of snow still, but I assure you according to the flowers, red ants, and bits of grass coming up on my street, Spring is […]


Mrs Butterworth Commercial and New Bottles

As many of you know, I had the pleasure of announcing Mrs. Butterworths new spring line of bottles for the Mrs. Butterworth commercials that are appearing in select markets right now on TV. They must have heard that I have a waffle addiction since I got PG! I had such a great time with the […]


Fun Springtime Craft for you and your little one!

As spring is upon us now in almost every state, we naturally start to spend more time outdoors in the evenings and weekends. But for some, like me, standing out in the sun is not exactly something I ache to do.  In fact, I am allergic to the sun! That being said, I still have […]

Spring Los Angeles: A stylish alternative to the brown bag (CLOSED)

I am a Mom of 2 that works full time outside the home as a Lab Technician. I’ll admit, I eat out for lunch more than I should. But, it’s so easy to give in to the awesome food (hey, I live in New Orleans) around my office when I see my pitiful looking sandwich […]