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Contact Form 7 Plugin tutorial

I use Contact Form 7 plugin for quite a few things here on MomDot. While the most obvious reason I use it is to receive inquiries on the site for reviews, giveaways, PR releases, and general questions, I also use it for our Ethical Blogger pledge and forum applications. However upon first glance it can […]

Towel Swan 6

Towel Swan Tutorial: Easy!

How to make a Towel Swan (Tutorial) The towel swan is one of the easiest towel animals to create. I like to make two and place them nose to nose on our guest bed whenever a couple comes to visit. You will need: 1 bath towel or sheet Sunglasses (optional) Step 1: Lay out the […]


How to make a Ribbon Rosette (tutorial)

I should honestly name this How to NOT make a Ribbon Rosette, because I made about 4 million mistakes before I found something that would qualify in the category of “working”. After all these mistakes, which undoubtedly you have been there if you found this post, i thought it would be beneficial to share what […]

How to make a custom Brush for photoshop (PSD) to Watermark

If you have photoshop you are already aware of the awesome brushes you can use to customize your online work for scrapbooking, templates, and pictures. There are hundreds of sites online with pre-created brushes like: Brusheezy Lord of Design Brush King But what happens if you want something more personalized or to use for commercial […]